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Topic - Common Health Mistakes Made by Women
Place – ABES, NH 24, Ghaziabad on 14.1.2015

On the makar Sankranti day, it was a pleasure to visit and give an all lady talk at ABES Engineering College.

I dedicated my talk to the brave soul father of Ms Sonia Sharma. He was a cancer winner succumbed to an habit which has taken life of many people, yes you guessed it right  - Tobacco. Sonia has taken a vow to fight this menace and spread the message to save the youth
I was welcomed by Academic Director – Dr Neeta Awasthy and Head of Womens Cell of ABES – Mrs Madhu Khurana and of course Ms Charu Vaish.

The talk was inaugurated by Dr Surendra Kansal, Director of the Institution.

The interactive session of around 2 hour, attended by 83 faculty members of the institution covered common health aspects faced by women in the today’s world where they have to work in two shifts  - Work place and home. The challenges they are facing maintaining a balance in the changing social environment is taking toll on their health. The discussion covered the stress and preventive measures that they have to take to keep themselves healthy both physically and mentally.
6 Worst Health Mistakes Women Make
  1. Underestimate Heart Disease
  2. Putting off Pap Smears
  3. Neglecting Breast Examinations
  4. Not Knowing Family History
  5. Ignoring Calcium
  6. Skipping Exercise
Special focus was on self breast awareness – 3 minutes 3 fingers once in 30 days can save your life and Your hygiene  - your responsibility with special emphasis on Gardasil, HPV vaccination to protect from Cervical cancer.

The program was summed up aptly by Dr Awasthy – “until unless we take care of ourselves we will not be able to take care of others – let us be conscious of our needs also”.

I thank the management of ABES for giving me an opportunity. I am grateful to the staff who took time off from their work for the seminar.

Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.
Cancer Surgeon and Social activist.

Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.

Dr Renu Jain MD

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