Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I CAN WIN Gayatri Havan to Win Over Cancer on 7.8.2011 at Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad

I CAN WIN – Gayatri Havan to Win Over Cancer
at 14/185, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad on 7.8.11

I CAN WIN Gayatri Havan program arranged and organized on 7 Aug 2011 by Sh. Suresh Prakash National Secretary of I CAN WIN Association at there residence R-14/185 Raj Nagar Ghaziabad.

In order to create zeal and enthusiasm among the members, some changes have taken place to avoid stereo type, monotonous havan programme from the earlier months. Instead of gayatri mantra havan, maa devi Bangla mukhi havan was conducted by Sh. Swami Narishngha Nand ji Maharaj. The mantras was echoed by all members and participants present there along with Dr. Pawan Gupta and Suresh Prakash ji.

A part from the members of I CAN WIN other social organization's members were present.
Following are the members from I CAN WIN Dr Pawan Gupta, Sh. R.K. Goel, Dr Surender Kansal, Mr & Mrs Charu Vaish, Dr J C Tripathi , Dr. Mrs Shikha Gupta , Mr & Mrs Madhu Mahajan, Mrs Abha Jain, Mr & Mrs Geeta Mishra, Sh. N C Aggarwal , Sh. R K Tyagi, Mrs Dolly Kumar with her friend, Mr. J.L. Nijhawan, Sh. A.K Somani , Sh. B.B Saxena Mr. B.D. Kaushik with his wife and son Mr. C.K. Bhatia and others.

From R.W.A. Raj Nagar- Sh. Ajay Aggarwal, Sh. B K Agarwal (President) Mrs Rekha Agarwal, Sh. K L Saini (ec members)
From Hind Jagriti Sabha- Dr. Harpal Singh , Sh. R.C Garg , Dr. R.K Poddar

A part from above personal friend and Sh. Suresh Prakash were also present. Mr & Mrs R.N. Bansal, Sachin Bansal, Mr & Mrs Jalesh Goel, Dr. Shailendra Goel (MCh. Urologist) Sh. Varun, Sh. Parvander Singh and Rakesh ji of Hindu Jagran Manch. Sh. Amod Goel and sister and many others took active part.

The Havan was most successful event and created favorable environment. Mr Suresh Prakash has introduced all the participants with each other and Dr. Pawan Gupta has spoken about the aims of I CAN WIN, about 70 to 75 participants were there and everybody was praising the change. Few new members were intrested to join I Can Win Association.
Programme was finished at about 12.30 PM after snacks and prashad.

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