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Tobacco Control in School - Somerville School, Noida 24.4.09


Tobacco Control in School
Somerville School, Noida

I CAN WIN-Positive about life Tobacco Awareness workshop was held on 24th April, 2009 at Somerville School, Noida.

Around 740 students of class 9, 10, 11 and 12 attended the camp.

The workshop was arranged by Ms Ratna Marya and Ms Sunita under the guidance of School Principal, Mrs Arul Raj. The workshop was conducted by Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch., President, Indian Cancer Winners’ Association and Sr Consultant Cancer Surgeon, SMH-Curie Cancer Centre, Delhi. Mrs Rani Isaac, Mr Sunil Bhandhari and Mr Karan helped in conducting the workshop.

The wokshop was held to create awareness among young people about tobacco and the practices adopted by the tobacco industry to initiate them to smoking and to other forms of tobacco use. It was also aimed to help the youth to make healthy choices.
Mrs Aruna introduced the subject and its menace in the young youth who unknowingly may start a habit which would be difficult to quit later.
In his presentation Dr Pawan Gupta said that Tobacco is

*Most important preventable cause of death
*Kills 50% of its users. Killed 1 billion in 21st century
*Tobacco contain more than 4000 harmful ingredients
*Smoking habit in children
– 20% of ever smoker children smoked their first whole cigarette before 10 years of age
– 80% of current smokers started smoking before they turned 18.
The younger a person is when he or she starts using tobacco, the more difficult it is for the that person to quit tobacco
*Tobacco adversely affects almost every organ of the body.
*Among young people, the short-term health effects of smoking include damage to the
– respiratory system,
– addiction to nicotine, and
– the associated risk of other drug use
– hurts young people's physical fitness in terms of both performance and endurance
*Long-term health consequences of youth smoking include cancer, lung diseases, cardiac diseases including heart attack, peripheral vascular diseases, infertility and deformed sperms.
*Second hand Smoke is a known carcinogen. Non- smokers including children should be protected from this harmful environment pollutant.

The youth were encouraged to have healthy living habits like balanced diet, exercise, control of weight gain, avoid alcohol, and, of course, no tobacco. Regular checkups and self awareness are required. Further, Dr Pawan stressed on the fact that quitting tobacco is possible. Quitting will help one live longer, no matter what the age or how long one has used tobacco.

The students actively participated and came up with lot of queries, which was answered to their satisfaction. Some of the students were given the I CAN WIN – POSITIVE ABOUT LIFE badges.

Worksheets were given to all the students and prizes will be given for the best two in each class.

We take pleasure in congratulating the management of Somerville School for the successful workshop.

Dr Pawan Gupta MS, FSOG, FAIS, M.Ch
Mr Suresh Prakash
The Indian Cancer Winners’ Association – National


Dr. Mamta Bhushan said...

I think I need to come over and take some guidance from you. You seem to be doing a lot of good for a lot of folks.


Prerit said...

Many Congrats for doing this great awareness workshop. KEEP IT UP.

Dr Prerit Mathur

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