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2015.1.19 I CAN WIN – WIN OVER CANCER at Sunderdeep Institute at Ghaziabad

A warm welcome by Dr Anju Saxena, Executive Director of the Sunderdeep Group of Institute in her  office with hot green tea started our day. Dr Anju shared her sad experience of her father in law who was diagnosed with cancer of lung in IV stage after a delay of over a month since he started having symptoms of cough and chest pain. That was in 1999. He died within 3 months of diagnosis.
Today the things have changed, we have better knowledge about cancer, better diagnostic tools, better treatment equipments and medicines and most importantly we have specialists who treat cancer exclusively with knowledge. Yes the things are changing for better. It is no more fight against cancer but now it is “WIN OVER CANCER” that we do.
The only problem that is the obstacle in win over cancer is delayed diagnosis. I CAN WIN with its volunteers are empowering people with the knowledge about cancer and how to self recognize the symptoms that would bring a change in the outcome of treatment of cancer.
YES WE CAN DO IT with just change in the attitude towards cancer. The only thing that can change the prognosis of cancer is early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.
President, I CAN WIN
Additional Director, Jaypee Institute of Cancer Care

2015.1.19 I CAN WIN – WIN OVER CANCER at Sunderdeep Institute at Ghaziabad
Place – Sunderdeep Group of Institutes, NH 24, Sunder Deep Nagar, Delhi-Hapur Road, Ghaziabad – 201001
Date  - 19.1.2015
Director – Dr Anju Saxena
Facilitator – Jaypee Hospital and I CAN WIN – Ghaziabad.
Expert Speakers – Dr Pawan Gupta and Dr Sandeep Chaddha
Organisors – Sri Ajeet Nigam and Mr Suresh Prakash
Cancer Winners – PDG Sri Mukesh Goel, Mrs Pushpa and Mrs Seema Chauhan
Chief Guest –  Col T. P. Tyagi, President, Ghaziabad RWA Federation
Other Guests – Ln Ajay Singhal, MD Charms Castle
Shri Anand Prakash Chairman Hitech EngineeringCollege, Ghaziabad

Sunday, January 18, 2015

WIN OVER TOBACCO at Indus Tower on 16.1.2015

WIN OVER TOBACCO at Indus Tower on 16.1.2015

Place: Indus Towers, UP West Office, H-11, 2nd Floor, Sector 63, Gautam Bhudh Nagar, Noida – 201301
Facilitatior – Mrs Geeta Gulati of HII
Mr Avtar Singh, Sr Manager  - HR &Admin Head,  Indus Towers
Courtesy  - JAYPEE Hospitals

It was a pleasant winter Friday morning on 16th of January, 2015. 53 staff of Indus towers gathered in the conference hall to listen to my talk on Win over Tobacco. Good thing was that most of them were not habituated to tobacco.

As my presentation continued, I could see a change in the response of the people who were taking tobacco.

The session was very interactive and it was good to have lot of ladies participation.
One thing which was disturbing was the exposure to second hand smoke which was very high. Hope the management would do something about this.

I believe the sensitization program was good.

Look forward to hold a workshop soon exclusively to win over tobacco.

I thank Ms Geeta and Mr Avtaar for arranging the program. I thank Himanshu and Deep of Jaypee Hospitals for all the arrangements. Of course the staff who sat through the whole program, not a single person moved out of the room. Last but not the least the charming lady who presented me a lovely bouquet at the end.

Pawan Gupta M.Ch.

Mr Avtaar and Ms Geeta

Dr Pawan and Mr Avtaar

Friday, January 16, 2015



Topic - Common Health Mistakes Made by Women
Place – ABES, NH 24, Ghaziabad on 14.1.2015

On the makar Sankranti day, it was a pleasure to visit and give an all lady talk at ABES Engineering College.

I dedicated my talk to the brave soul father of Ms Sonia Sharma. He was a cancer winner succumbed to an habit which has taken life of many people, yes you guessed it right  - Tobacco. Sonia has taken a vow to fight this menace and spread the message to save the youth
I was welcomed by Academic Director – Dr Neeta Awasthy and Head of Womens Cell of ABES – Mrs Madhu Khurana and of course Ms Charu Vaish.

The talk was inaugurated by Dr Surendra Kansal, Director of the Institution.

The interactive session of around 2 hour, attended by 83 faculty members of the institution covered common health aspects faced by women in the today’s world where they have to work in two shifts  - Work place and home. The challenges they are facing maintaining a balance in the changing social environment is taking toll on their health. The discussion covered the stress and preventive measures that they have to take to keep themselves healthy both physically and mentally.
6 Worst Health Mistakes Women Make
  1. Underestimate Heart Disease
  2. Putting off Pap Smears
  3. Neglecting Breast Examinations
  4. Not Knowing Family History
  5. Ignoring Calcium
  6. Skipping Exercise
Special focus was on self breast awareness – 3 minutes 3 fingers once in 30 days can save your life and Your hygiene  - your responsibility with special emphasis on Gardasil, HPV vaccination to protect from Cervical cancer.

The program was summed up aptly by Dr Awasthy – “until unless we take care of ourselves we will not be able to take care of others – let us be conscious of our needs also”.

I thank the management of ABES for giving me an opportunity. I am grateful to the staff who took time off from their work for the seminar.

Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.
Cancer Surgeon and Social activist.

Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.

Dr Renu Jain MD

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