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World No Tobacco Day 2015 Workshop for skill Development for guiding quit tobacco

WIN OVER TOBACCO – MADE EASY Workshop on 30.5.2015
Dear Friends,

It gives me a great pleasure to extend my heartfelt thanks to all to make this event a eventful event in my life. WIN OVER TOBACCO is possible if we all work together to get rid of this dreadful disease from the society. I sincerely thank the management Mrs Rekha Dixit, Dr Vikram Singh Raghuvanshi and Mr Manish Trivedi who accepted this concept of skill development for the doctors to win over tobacco. They gave their full support and one sentence of Dr Raghuvnashi, to the marketing department - Do the way Dr Pawan wants it to be done, set the ball rolling. The Marketing Department, led by Mr Avijit, Mr Vivek, Mr Mukesh. Ms Mohsina and the full team gave me total support and were always full of action.  Ms Mohsina, you were a constant guide and a big support to me. Thanks to Mr Srivastav, who coordinated with the administration of Noida to get doctors for the workshop from the government Departments. The organising team was full of enthusiasm, initially, although they could not understand the very concept of this training but they were throughout with me and backed me. Here I specially want to mention about Dr Vikash who is a silent worker, a sincere and diligent colleague. He was helping me in all respect. Dr Saurabh and Dr Tuli who took care of my patients while I was busy with the workshop. Dr Tripti, Dr Diana, Dr Sandeep Jain, Dr Navneet Sood you have been a big support.

My thanks to Sri N.P.Singhji, the DM of Noida, who came and shared his thought with us. His support for the cause is exemplary. His vision is to make the people aware about Tobacco, drugs, respect to women and healthy diet. He has assured me of all support and has already issued orders to implement COTPA in his Jurisdiction area. 

The Cancer and Tobacco Winners'  - Mr Ambuj Srivastav, Mr. Vikash, Mr Gaurav, Mrs Ram sharvan and her daughter (wife of Mr Ram Sharvan) Your courage to talk infront of the gathering about your suffering, how you came over the disease and advice to others would save number of young ones taking up this habit. I thank you for inaugurating the Workshop along with the Chief Guest. It is message for people to move towards light from darkness.

My sincere thanks to the Faculty and Guests who came here and shared their knowledge. Dr L.Swasticharan with his two sweet daughters had been travelling since morning attending various functions. Your presence here was very important to me. I understand the Government is working towards curbing the tobacco disease and we are with you to win over tobacco. The conclusion of the panel discussion, it was evident that lot has to be done, tobacco ceasation should be in the curriculum of all MBBS and BDS. three forth of the patient quit tobacco cold turkey. they need only social support, They do not need to visit a tobacco cessation centre. We need to develop the skills of the doctors, paramedics, health workers, counsellors in school and volunteers to help people win over tobacco. We have to develop Health and Creative clubs in industries to help workers win over this disease. The greatest myth is busted - Yes, it is possible to win over tobacco. It is simple and easy. I would be happy to conduct more such skill development workshop, and this is the need of the hour. 

Our panellists, Mr Ashish Wig - Chairman of Indo American Chamber of Commerce - Infrastructure, his concern about the construction site workers and factory workers. he has seen them suffering. He has referred to me number of patients who were dying of this preventable cause, and that too at an young age. The age when they are the soul bread earners for the family. Sir, I assure you that I would work with you for these workers. I sincerely thank you for coming early and staying throughout the program inspite of your pressing demands in your office. Your presence was very important to put to the Government the need to do something for the factory, construction workers.

Dr Rima Sehgal, you have been counselling the children for almost 18 years. Watering of your eyes when we were discussing about this problem, was evident of your pain for the children. although we could not have your formal presentation, but you could put your points. Your suggestions that the School children require - sensitization and awareness about tobacco and drugs. The reason these children take toabcco and drugs is also very important. Counselling of parents and creating an environment congenial for the growth of the child, talking to them will deter them from taking up this habit. Another very important aspect that came up during this discussion was where and to whom these children, who have got into the habit of tobacco, would go to?   Going to parents is a big no - because they may not understand the situation, going to tobacco cessation  or deaddiction centres is a taboo. They are in a dilemma and continue to be a slave of this tobacco. Yes, we need to act to rescue these innocent slaves! I thank you for coming and staying throughout the program.

Sweta, appreciate your volunteering for I CAN WIN - 'SAVE' the youth program. Sharing your thoughts was very crucial. Yes we have to take this program to every school and colleges. Volunteers like you are the ones who are going to bring about the change. Thanks for taking the burden of enrolling more youths into this mission.

Dr Shridhar, your talk was very much enlightening. I too was not aware of some of the issues. Sir, I am glad you came and shared your experiences. Your short presentation has left a long mark in every one’s mind.

Dr Sumit, You handled a very difficult topic easily. Why some suffer and others escape. This is a million dollar question and a plea given by many to continue to take tobacco. I am sure your presentation would help the doctors and volunteers attending the workshop get more people into the contemplation stage of quitting tobacco.

Dr Praveen, We missed you but your substitute did a wonderful job of illustrating the harms due to tobacco.

Dr Ratnakar, Dr Sanjay, Dr Gyanendra your scietific presentation was exemplary. The medical evidences and complicated pathways of nicotine addiction and how to get over it. Your presentation was the main part and am sure the participants of the workshop would take cues from your presentation and help thier own patients get rid of the tobacco disease. Dr Sanjay, I specially thank you for coming all the way from Mumbai for the talk. Your research and understanding of the nicotine receptor and its action,  the simple way you presented it for the audience, I am sure no one else could have done this better than you. Your talk was crucial to understand this nicotine addiction and how to get over it.  Dr Ratnakar and Dr Gyanendra the evidence based approach is very important to win over tobacco. thanks for putiing it to the audience.

Dr Seema Madan, thanks for staying throughout the program and sharing your thoughts. Infertility and second hand smoking is a major concern for young women. We need to educate the gynaecologists also help guide their patients and their spouses.

Dr Puneet Ahuja, Dr Sumedha and team from ITS dental college, Maulana Azad Dental College, Santosh Medical and Dental College, ManavRachna Dental College, Sudha Rastogi Dental College and General Physicians, practitioners, ENT specialists and Other private Dentists I thank you for coming and sharing your thoughts. Your presence and participation has been an inspiration to me to take this cause further, and a message to me that it is just not important treating pateints, I have to devote more time in fighting the root cause of the suffering of the cancer patients.

Kamalji, Sureshji, RK Goelji and others from various NGO's, sir without your help and reach we cannot succeed. I thank you personally and appreciate your assurance to lend your whole heart support and manpower for 'SAVE' the youth mission.

The audience you have been very cooperative and I am sure the deliberations were helpful and you would - LEARN, SERVE and EARN treating the tobacco addiction amongst the population. 

Here I specially want to mention Dr Plaha Chairman IAP UP chapter, who wants me to conduct similar workshop exclusively for the physicians. Sir, I assure you I am with you. Dr Gagan Saini, oncologist who suggested that we have such a program for oncologists exclusively. I would be happy to explore more on this.

Dr Manoj Goyal, Dr Rajesh Sharma, Dr Shruti Dhar and Dr Jyoti Mishra, we missed you. Sir/madam although you sent your substitute, this was a high level meeting with presence of Government officials and important dignitaries and regret, No one can substitute your experience and wisdom sir/madam. At the same time we understand your constraints.

I thank you for giving me an oppurtunity to be the Course Director of "WIN OVER TOBACCO - MADE EASY" for skill development of doctors to guide patients to help quit tobacco. I hope my book on this will be of help. I have a small request to be make to Dr Shridhar Dwivedy, Dr Sanjay Somasundaram, Dr Sumit Goyal, Dr Rima Sehgal and Ms Sweta Agiwal to please give a write up of your presentation to be included as chapters in my next edition of my book.

I look forward for your continued support and guidance.

Warm Regards


Pawan Gupta MS, M.Ch., FSOG, FAIS
Associate Director, Institute of Cancer Care, Jaypee Hospitals, Sector 128, Noida 
Mob: 9811290152

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