Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Livestrong Global Cancer Summit, Dublin 25.8.2009

Tribute Board

Ms Melissa Rendler-Gracia, World Cancer Declaration, UICC
Dr Ritu Biyani Highways Infinite,
Dr Pawan Gupta, President, I CAN WIN association
Dr Saurabh Varshney, Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN, Mr Doug Ulman, Dr Pawan Gupta

Standing- 1.Pat Kelly,President and CEO, Campaingn to Control Cancer
Dr Pawan Gupta, Oncosurgeon, President, Indian Cancer Winners' Association, India
Mr Mark Killen, Chief Marketing Officer, American Century Investments, Kansas
Sitting -
Victor Ling, President and Scientific Director, The Terry Fox Research Institute, Canada,
Nathan Grey, National Vice President, International Affairs, American Cancer Society
Senen D.Hauff Brazil
Gregory P. Bontrager Chief Operating Officer, American Cancer Society
Leslie Sullivan, Sr Program Manager, Breast Health Global Initiative, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, Seattle
Claudia Fenerol, Sr Fundraising Officer, International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Livestrong Global Cancer Summit 24.08.09



Lorena Rojas, Mexican born Actress/Singer and Cancer Survivor

Prof David Hill, President, International Union Against Cancer

Lorena Rojas, Dr Saurabh, Dr Pawan

Rick Lyke Drinks Journalist Pints for Prostate-

Monday, August 24, 2009

Delegate Livestrong Global Cancer Summit, Dublin Day 23.8.09

Doug Ulman, President and CEO, LIVESTRONG
Dr Pawan Gupta, President, Indian Cancer Winners' Association

Mrs Ranjit Kaur, President, Breast Cancer Welfare Association, Malaysia
Mrs Isha Bhandhari, COO, Roko Cancer
Dr Cherian Kosy, Head PAlliative Care, RCC, Trivandrum
Dr PAwan Gupta, President, Indian Cancer Winers' Association

Shannon Foley, director, -
Joe Schneider, - (one on one Cancer support)
Dr Saurabh Varshney, Dehradun

Monday, August 17, 2009

Breast Self Awareness Workshop in Association with the Inner Wheel Club of Greater NOIDA

The Inner Wheel Wing of the Rotary Club of Greater NOIDA had organized a Breast Self Awareness Workshop at Kailash Hospital, Greater NOIDA on the 12th of August, 2009.

The workshop was attended by about 15 ladies. They included members of the Inner Wheel Club as well as nurses from the hospital.

Mrs. Vibha Rastogi, President of the Inner Wheel Club of Greater NOIDA, lit the lamp to start the program. She said she had read about Dr Natasha Das' breast self awareness programs in the NOIDA Plus section of the Times of India. Though her club was a new one and did not have the funds to arrange for a projector, Mrs Rastogi requested

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I CAN WIN gets more Support

"Winning cancer should be an attitude of all" says Dr Rath

New Delhi, August 15, 2009 – In a meeting held at Arun Vihar Club Noida, Prof G.K.Rath, Director Indian Rotary Cancer Hospital, AIIMS, formally joined the INDIAN CANCER WINNERS’ ASSOCIATION.

According to Prof Rath “winning cancer should be an attitude of all including the treating doctor, caretaker, patients and public. Cancer is a chronic disease, and it is curable if detected early. The more we talk about cancer more the people will be aware and will dissociate from the myths surrounding cancer.”

Dr Anita Khokhar, Asso Prof, Safdurjung Hospital and Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College. She single handedly have been conducting breast self examination workshops and in one year have covered more than 10000 ladies. Indian Cancer Winners' Association is happy to welcome her.

Dr Rudra Acharya Surgical Oncologist Swami Dayanand Hospital trained at various hospitals in India and Australia joined the I CAN WIN mission to Win over Cancer.

Mr Vijay Saini, Chartered Accountant joined as Member Executive and promised all his support to achieve the goal of the association

Mr O.P.Bansal, Senior Advocate, joined as Member Executive

Mr R.K.Goel, Vice President, Dr Manish Wadhwa, Vice President, Mrs Prabha Gupta, President Ghaziabad Chapter, Dr B.C.Gupta, President Faridabad Chapter, Dr Vishal Juneja, Secretary Faridabad Chapter present on the occasion chalked out future plans of the Association toward changing the way cancer is perceived by the society.

Means are many but mission is only one… "Win over Cancer".

Friday, August 14, 2009

I CAN WIN Oral Cancer Screening Workshop & Cancer Awareness Program at Ashadeep Hospital Moradabad

I CAN WIN Oral Cancer Screening Workshop & Cancer Awareness Program at Ashadeep Hospital Moradabad
Organised by
Indian Cancer Winners’ Association
Moradabad Chapter
In Association with
Rotary Club Moradabad Sanskriti

I CAN WIN Oral Cancer Screening awareness workshop and free checkup was held on 9th August, 2009 at Moradabad. It was jointly organized with Rotary Club Moradabad Sanskriti. The workshop at Ashadeep Hospital, inaugurated by Mayor of Moradabad Dr. A.T. Hasan. Cancer is caused by our habits. There are many deaths by oral cancer in our country. He request to all public of Moradabad to quit the habit of Tobacco. He also reiterated that cancer if detected early can be cured, and coaxed the public to participate in cancer awareness programs initiated by the Indian Cancer Winners’ Association - Moradabad Chapter.

Dr. Pawan Gupta National President, I CAN WIN ASSOCIATION and Sr. Cancer Surgeon from Curie Cancer Centre Shanti Mukand Hospital Delhi, Dr. Ajay Agarwal, Dr. Vimita Agarwal, helped in conducting the workshop at I CAN WIN CANCER CARE CENTRE ASHADEEP HOSPITAL CIVIL LINE MORADABAD. E.N.T. Specialist Dr. Sanjay Shah and members of Rotary Club Moradabad Sanskriti S.K. Sinha, Dinesh Chandra, Rajiv Rastogi, Dr. Pallav Agarwal, Dr. Shalabh Agarwal were present at camp

Around 150 registrations were made of which 25 cases were detected which would require further investigations and treatment. The camp was attended by local chapter members Sri Yogendra Agarwal, President Moradabad chapter, Sri Jagdish S Agarwal, Secretary, Mr Jagannath, Sri G.K.Singh,

The camp was followed by a discussion with the local general practitioners. Dr Pawan Gupta discussed the early detection of cancer and its treatment explained the clinical examination of oral cavity and its early detection.
The camp and discussion which started at 10 am in the morning was over at 4.00 pm in the evening.

We take pleasure in congratulating the Moradabad Chapter for the successful camp.

Mr. Yogendra Agarwal
President : ( Indian Cancer Winners’ Association)
Moradabad Chapter

Mr. J. S. Agarwal
Secretary : (Indian Cancer Winners’ Association)
Moradabad Chapter


Lunch with Winner Mrs Meenu Malhotra and family

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breast Self Awareness Workshop in Association with the Inner Wheel Club of Greater NOIDA

On 12th August, 2009, Dr Natasha Das conducted a breast self awareness workshop at Kailash Hospital, Greater NOIDA. This workshop was conducted under the banner of the I CAN WIN association with cooperation from the Inner Wheel Club of Green Greater NOIDA.

Mrs Vibha Rastogi, the President of the Inner Wheel Club of Green Greater NOIDA, was very enthusiastic about conducting a breast self examination workshop for her club members ever since she read about this initiative by Dr Natasha and Dr Anita in the Times of India. She met Dr Sanil Kapoor of Kailash Hospital with a hope to be able to use their lecture hall for the workshop. Dr Kapoor made sure the nurses in his hospital also attended the workshop.

During her workshop about how to conduct a self examination of the breast, Dr Natasha pointed out that a reminder system would be helpful to make sure a monthly BSE becomes a habit with the ladies. Out of the 15 ladies who attended the workshop, 13 have signed up for the regular reminders about cancer awareness.

I CAN WIN association has agreed to help Dr Natasha send reminders for breast self examination through different media such as SMS, emails, newsletters, and home visits by volunteers. People who wish to receive a reminder for regular cancer screening procedures such as a monthly breast self examination, may please write to or

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