Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Win over Cancer awareness Faridabad 5.5.2010

AWARENESS PROGRAM Date: 5.5.2010, Time 12:30 pm


Venue: Ekant Restaurant, Sector 17

OCCASION: Sas- Bahu Kitty Party, Mrs Rita,

An awareness program was conducted by member expert, Dr. Poonam and Dr. B.C. Gupta along with volunteers Mr Laxman and Ms Neelam for a gathering of 15 ladies. The ladies were told about the techniques of self breast examination and were made aware of the importance of early detection and screening for breast and cervical cancers. Dr. B.C. Gupta apprised them about I CAN WIN and its activities and asked them to come forth in large numbers to spread the organizations message. The ladies were asked to come for clinical examination on 6.5.2010 at Studio 220, sector 9.

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