Saturday, October 3, 2009

Livestrong- WIN OVER CANCER at Faridabad

Organised by
Indian Cancer Winners’ Association
Faridabad Chapter
LIVESTRONG- WIN OVER CANCER awareness meet was held on October 2nd , 2009 at SCF-220, Sector 9, Faridabad. Dr B.C. Gupta presided over the meet and put forth his vision for the Faridabad chapter to Win Over Cancer. Dr Pawan Gupta, National President - Indian Cancer Winners’ Association and Sr. Consultant, SMH-Curie Cancer Centre addressed the gathering on “WIN OVER CANCER” emphasizing on early detection with prompt treatment to win over cancer. Various proposals to implement programs for screening of breast cancer, oral cancer and cervical cancer were discussed.
Everyone present pledged to work to “WIN OVER CANCER”.

This day is marked as LIVESTRONG Day is special as on this day Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer. He went on to win nine times the TOUR DE FRANCE after treatment of his cancer. He is the CANCER WINNER who has given voice to millions of people who suffer with cancer every year.

Dr Manish Wadhwa, National Vice- President
Dr B.C.Gupta, President -Faridabad Chapter


Dr Pawan Gupta, President, Indian Cancer Winners' Association, India
Ms Kate An of NTL Co. Ltd, Korea
Mr Shantanu Goswami, Korea Trade investment Promotion Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Mr R. Mishra

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