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ONCOWIN Round Table at Faridabad July 17th, 2009
Topic: Breast Cancer Screening
Venue – Studio 220, SCF 220, Sector 9, HUDA Market, Faridabad

An ONCOWIN Tutorial on “Breast Cancer Screening” was held at Faridabad on 17th July 2009. The Program was conducted in collaboration with Faridabad Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society. and was attended by about 35 doctors.

Dr Kulveen putting "POSITIVE ABOUT LIFE-I CAN WIN" badge on Dr Maninder Ahuja

Dr Pawan Gupta

Dr B.C.Gupta President I CAN WIN -FARIDABAD, chairing the meet

Dr Natasha Das - Giving presentation on breast Awareness with Mannequin

Dr Ratnesh Srivastav

Dr Amitabh Singh - Advantages of Early Detection

Ms Gunjan, Ms Ruchi

Dr Rudra Acharya

In the words of Dr Rudra Acharya “In the absence of a proper screening program in India, opportunistic screening is what is required”. The essence of the program was to partner with the FOGS, who see the ladies in our society more often and can play a major role in “WIN OVER BREAST CANCER”. This was reiterated and emphasized by our National Vice-President, Dr Manish Wadhwa and President Faridabad Chapter Dr B.C.Gupta.
Dr B.C.Gupta suggested various means to create awareness that include putting up posters and reading material in the clinics. The slogan “3 Minutes, 3 Fingers once in 30 days can save your life” will be the slogan of the Association to create breast awareness amongst the masses.
Dr Pawan Gupta, Dr Ratnesh Srivastav, Dr Natasha Das, Dr Amitabh Singh, Dr Saurendra Das, Dr Shanu Gairola, Dr Rudra Acharya, Dr Prashant Gupta who were present as Member Expert, discussed and gave their presentations.
Dr Maninder, President FOGS, Dr Neeta Dhabai, Secretary FOGS, has agreed to collaborate more with the I CAN WIN Association to further the cause to WIN OVER CANCER.
The program was followed by sumptuous high tea – arranged by Dr Kulveen, Ms Gunjan and Ms Ruchi.
We appreciate and thank the members of FOGS for their contribution towards WIN OVER CANCER

Dr B.C.Gupta - President
Dr Prashant Gupta - Secretary
Indian Cancer Winners' Association - Faridabad Chapter


CHAIRPERSON: Dr. B.C.Gupta Dr Maninder Ahuja

MODERATOR : Dr Pawan Gupta

ANCHOR: Dr Kulveen Wadhwa

Introduction: Dr Manish Wadhwa

Breast Symptoms: Dr Pawan Gupta

Breast Cancer Risk Factors: Dr Ratnesh Srivastav

Self Breast Examination: Dr Natasha Das

Radiological Investigations: Dr Kulveen Wadhwa

Pathological Investigation: Dr Prashant Gupta

Advantages of Early Diagnosis: Dr Amitabh Singh

Discussion: Dr Rudra Acharya, Dr Shanu Gairola


Dr Daulat Singh said...

this is a good step. keep it up.
Dr Daulat Dingh
Asso. Prof & Head
Dept Of Radiation Therapy & Clinical Oncology,
VCSG Govt med. Science & Research Institute,
Srinagar, Garhwal

creative said...

wonderfull efforts, requesting for more awareness programs to win over cancer,
we are with you I Can Win Team.

Dayal Pandey
Creative Uttarakhand - myor pahad
98 D D A Todapur
Pusha Road New Delhi

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