Friday, March 24, 2017

NTCP WIN OVER TOBACCO with NTPC engineer trainee on 25.3.2017

WIN OVER TOBACCO for NTPC fresh engineer trainee as a part of health awareness at workplace

Date  -25/3/2017

Place - NTPC PMI, Noida

Expert - Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.

Organizer - Mrs Ekta 9650991811

No of Participants - 120

The participants were newly recruitted engineers. they would be posted at various sites all over India.
It was a good oppurtunity to talk to them and give them a message of life style modification and also making them aware of cancer and its early symptoms.

Seminar on NTCP WIN OVER TOBACCO at Kailash hospital Noida on 24.3.2017

Seminar on WIN OVER TOBACCO at Kailash hospital Noida on 24.3.2017
Dr Pawan Gupta Mch surgical oncology invited to deliver talk on how to quit tobacco.
Along with the CMO Noida present were many other officials of Noida.
Organised by District TOBACCO cell under NTCP.
Dr Bharat Bhushan

SAVE the youth campaign to win over Tobacco at SAMSARA on 21.3.2017

Conducted SAVE the youth campaign program at the SAMSARA the world academy greater Noida on 21.3.2017.
Class 5,6,7,8
Speaker Dr Pawan Gupta
Patron- Mrs Jyoti Kulshresta
Principal- Captain Praveen Roy
Administrator- Captain Anil Pandey
I did not expect the kids to be so enthusiastic. Today I believe the right age to start tobacco awareness has to be further reduced. The kids were more enthusiastic then the older ones.

No of Students - 140

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