Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Webinar on Breast Cancer Awareness

Want to know more about Breast Cancer? Check this out.

Join Jiyo Befikar Women as they take you through what you must know about Breast Cancer, rebut the myths and share some hard hitting survivor stories.
Date: 27th October, 2012
Time: 12:00 p.m


Monday, October 22, 2012

2012.10.14 Cancer Awareness Cum Screening Camp held at Agarwal Mandi, Tatiri, Baghpat

The above programme was arranged jointly by Lions Club & Vaish Samaj Tatiri Mandi. Programme was started at about 11.00 AM & about 150 persons ladies & gents participated. The main organiser of the programme was Sh. Abhimanyu Gupta, President of Lions Club & Vaish Samaj of the town.

Following VIP has shared the dias:-
1.     Dr. Brij Pal Singh, MD (Oncologist) Asian Hospital, Faridabad.
2.     Dr. Shikha Gupta, MD (Pathologist)
3. Sh. Mahesh Chand Ji, (Hapur Wale), President I CAN WIN Association, Ghaziabad Zone.
4.     Dr. Narendra Bansal, Secretary I CAN WIN Association, Ghaziabad Zone.
5.     Suresh Prakash, National Secretary, I CAN WIN Association.
6.     President of Lions Club, Khekra

The programme was conducted by Sh. Abhimanyu Gupta after the Deep Prajwalan. Mr.  Suresh Prakash explained the aims & objective of the association and its functions. Dr. Shikha Gupta elaborately explained about the Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer in ladies and how it should be detected & treated.

Dr. Brij Pal Singh shown the slides of Cancer in other parts of human body. Dr. Narendra Bansal insited about the healthy life style to prevent Cancer & other diseases.

Lateron about 25/30 ladies were examined by Dr. Shikha Gupta. Dr. Brij Pal Singh examined about 20/25 gents. 2/3 patients were suspected of cancer and advised for further check up.

The programme was ended about 2.30 pm. The delicious lunch was arranged by the hosts of Agarwal Mandi, Tatiri. The certificate of participation and a box of sweets were presented to all the persons who shared the dias.

Great admire for the sincerity by the people of Vaish Samaj, Agarwal Mandi Tatiri, Distt. Baghpat.

2012.10.19 Media Coverage at Asian Hospital, Faridabad

2012.10.19 Cancer Awareness Cum Screening Camp held at Mewar Institute, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

The above programme was organised by I CAN WIN Association Ghaziabad Zonal Chapter. Programme was started at about 11.00 am at assembly hall of Mewar Institute. Total numbers of participants were approx 300 including 200 ladies. Majority of the students was from B.Ed. About 30/40 senior citizens of Vasundhara RWA were also present.
Following guests were requested on the dias.
1.      Sh. Ashok Kumar Gadia, Chairman, Mewar University.
2.      Sh. Mahesh Chand (Hapur Wale), President I CAN WIN Association (Ghaziabad Zone)
3.      Dr. Narendra Bansal, Naturopath, Secretary I CAN WIN Association (Ghaziabad Zone)
4.      Dr. Natasha Das (Medical Communicator).
5.      Dr. Brij Pal Singh, MD.(Onco), Asian Hospital Faridabad.
6.      Sh. R.K. Goel, National Vice President.
7.      Dr. Alka Agrawal, Director, Mewar Institute.

After falicitation of bouquet to the dignitaries at dias awareness programme was conducted by Dr. Brij Pal Singh Onco Physician of Asian Hospital, Faridabad exhibiting about the origin of cancer its symptoms & early detection. Dr. Natasha Das Medical Communicator discussed in detail about Breast & Cervical Cancer, its self detection and precautions. Dr. Narendra Bansal spoken about the life style, detoxification of the body and how to increase the immunity, so that we can prevent the cancer as well as other diseases. Programme was conducted by Sri Suresh Prakash Ji our national secretary very effectively and told about our organisation, its working. He told that cancer is curable provided & treated at an early stage. Mr. Gadia expressed about the importance of such educative programs, healthy life style, specially to the young boys & girls who are going to enter in their career. Mr. Gadia assured to help the I CAN WIN to achieve the objectives.

Dr. Alka Agrawal, Director, Mewar Institute admired the aims & objectives of the association. The programme was methodical & beautifully arranged followed by wonderful momentoes to the expert doctors of I CAN WIN.

The programme was finished by 12.30 pm. Dr. Natasha Das & Brij Pal Singh examined 5 ladies and all of them were cancer free.

The programme was over at about 1.00 pm after serving of high tea, courtesy Sh. Ashok Gadia, Chairman of Mewar Institute.

Fwd: CME ON 27.9.12- IMS Faridabad - drpawan.oncosurgeon@gmail.com - Gmail

2012.10.10 Cancer Awareness Programme held at R.K.G.I.T. (Engineering College for Women), Meerut Road, Ghaziabad

          The above programme was held on 10th of October 2012 in the auditorium of R.K.G.I.T. (Engineering College for Women) at about 2.30 pm. Following were the dignitaries who shared the dias:-

1.     Sh. Dinesh Goel, Chairman of R.K.G.I.T. Group of Institutions.
2.     Dr. S. Khanna, Chairman & Managing Director, Dharamshila Hospital.
3.     Dr. Sharan Choudhary HOD Onco Surgery, Dharamshila Hosptial.
4.     Dr. Neeta Awasthy, Director, R.K.G.I.T. (Engineering College for Women).
5. Sh. Mahesh Chand Ji (Hapur Wale), President I CAN WIN Association, Ghaziabad Zone.
6.     Dr. Narendra Bansal, Secretary I CAN WIN Association, Ghaziabad Zone.
7.     Suresh Prakash, National Secretary, I CAN WIN Association.

About 300/350 senior girls participated in the programme. Dr. S. Khanna elaborately discussed about the cause of Cancer, its prevention and it is curable if detected in first or second stage. She also exhibited the breast self examination. Dr. Sharan Choudhary explain about the symptoms of cancer in other parts of body, its detection & treatment by the latest medical equipments available at Dharamshila Hospital Delhi.

Sh. Suresh Prakash explained the aims & objectives & infrastructure of I CAN WIN Association. Dr. Narendra Bansal, Naturopath explained the healthy life style, so that prevention & precautions of cancer can be adhered. Sh. Dinesh Goel admired the efforts & programme undertaken by I CAN WIN & assured all type of help required will be provided by him. Mr. Dinesh Goel also spoken for 2/3 minutes and appreciated the efforts in reducing the impact of cancer. The programme was finished at about 4.30 pm after serving the high tea & beautiful momento & heavy bunch of flowers to the persons were present on the dias.
Overall programme was a great success & every guest thanked to the management of R.K.G.I.T. (Engineering College for Women).

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