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WIN OVER CANCER with Utkalini at Shreeram J.J.Camp 11.12.2010

December 11, 2010 was a second Saturday. While their ‘Madams and Sirs’ were either relaxing after a sumptuous weekend lunch or ‘busy shopping’ at the posh malls of Delhi, several domestic workers in South Delhi had taken a break from their work to understand more about the ‘C word’.

Most of us know something or the other about cancer. There is so much written about it these days. But for the illiterate or marginally literate domestic workers it is a word that they hear only during conversations at their workplaces. Some of them have seen the pain of late stage cancer from close quarters having worked for cancer patients. However, basic awareness about cancer is rather poor among Delhi’s domestic workers.

To help bridge this difference, Utkalini (an association of Odia ladies in Delhi) invited Member Experts of Indian Cancer Winners’ (I CAN WIN) Association to speak to the residents of JJ Camp, Dhaula Kuan. Close to 50 ladies and youngsters attended the cancer awareness program.

The following people were present on behalf of I CAN WIN Association:
  • Member Experts
    • Dr Pawan Gupta
    • Dr Natasha Das
    • Dr Rudra Prasad Acharya
    • Dr Saurendra Das
  • Volunteers
    • Mr Karan
    • Mr Parasnath Sah
The program was initiated with a welcome address by Dr Mrs Rajlaxmi Rath, President of Utkalini. She spoke on the need for such cancer awareness workshops to empower Delhi’s domestic workers.

Dr Pawan Gupta, an oncosurgeon who works at Shanti Mukand Hospital Curie Cancer Center, spoke about what cancer was and how it could affect almost any part of the body. He emphasized on the need to ‘be careful not fearful’ of cancer. He also spoke on the various lifestyle changes that can help bring down a person’s risk for developing cancer. He emphasized that ‘cancer’ is not a death statement. It is a chronic disease like diabetes and high blood pressure. With a positive attitude, it is possible to win over cancer.

Dr Saurendra Das, Member Expert, ICANWIN, spoke on the need for early detection of cancer. He spoke on how early detection of cancer gives a better chance of survival, helps save a lot of money that goes into cancer treatment, provides better chance of getting rid of the cancer, helps preserve the affected organ and ultimately provides the person with a better quality of life than somebody whose cancer is detected late.

Dr Rudra Prasad Acharya, oncosurgeon with Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, made a presentation on early detection of oral cancer. Through several pictorial depictions, he demonstrated how one can detect subtle changes in the mouth, lips, gums, and the inside of cheeks… changes that could later lead to cancer. He also spoke on the need to quit not just smoking but just about any kind of intake of tobacco. Dr Rudra spoke on how switching from smoking to chewing tobacco may cause less coughing but it increases the risk of cancers of the oral cavity specially those of the lips and cheeks.

The topic on breast cancer was addressed by Dr Natasha Das, Member Expert, ICANWIN. She spoke on how a lady herself plays a major role in detection of cancer in her breasts. On a mannequin, she demonstrated the steps of a thorough examination of the breast that can be done by any lady on her own. She also used pictorial depictions of the changes to look for during self-examination of the breasts.
After the presentations, the Member Experts of ICANWIN answered the questions put forward by the attendees.

This was followed by a cancer screening program. The attendees were screened for oral and breast cancer.
Members of Utkalini distributed fruits to the attendees emphasizing on the need for developing healthy eating habits. Some of the members of Utkalini who were present include:
  • Dr Rajlaxmi Rath, President
  • Dr Sujata Nanda, Secretary
  • Dr Ambika Das
  • Dr Mamta Patnaik
  • Mrs Champak Barmmi
  • Ms Padma Mohanty
  • Ms Sasmita Satpathy
  • Mrs Bandana Panda
I CAN WIN Association wishes to thank all members of Utkalini for their support in conducting this cancer awareness workshop. We look forward to more such collaborations in future. Here are some pictures from the event. 

Members of Utkalini - keenly listening.

Observers from HCG:
Mr. Vikrant and Mr Kaushal

YouTube - Utkalini President Mrs. Rath on WIN OVER CANCER program on 11.12.2010.MPG

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Storing Food in Plastic – Is it safe?

Food has been stored by people in containers made from plastic, for quite some time. Lately with the safety of food being a primary concern, plastic as a device for food storage is being investigated. With current research and studies being performed on contaminated food, the web is a valuable tool in getting information so as to avoid food poisoning from E. coli and salmonella, or even to avoid potential ailments triggered by the use of plastics.
Research has indicated that EDC's, (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals), are present in plastics. Cancer and disruption to sex hormones can be caused by these chemicals. The recommendation is that food should be stored in containers that are a substance other than plastic so that food cannot be contaminated in this way. It's best to use a glass or stainless steel container to keep phthalates from leaching out and contaminating food.
People are also worried about using plastic dishes to microwave food. Most experts warn against it anyway. To be safe, it is wise to refrain from utilizing plastic containers to heat food in the microwave and to minimize the amount of direct contact between plastic cling wrap and food that is heated in the microwave!!!.

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