Monday, December 29, 2008

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Giving

The Indian Cancer Winners’ Association values our corporate partners and we provide a number of different ways for you to help us advance cancer prevention research, community outreach and education. Whether through sponsorship of one of our special events, educational exhibits, employee giving or through a cause marketing promotion, the Association can help your business find a vehicle to highlight your corporate citizenship and show your support in the “WIN OVER CANCER”.

For more information about corporate partnership opportunities contact

Dr Pawan Gupta, President , Mobile: +919811290152

Dr Manish Wadhwa, Vice President -Corporates, +919811661298


Monday, December 15, 2008

I CAN WIN Member Expert Meet on 14.12.08


Member experts of I CAN WIN ASSOCIATION met on December 14th, 2008. The role of Member experts, chapters and Corporate partners were discussed and recommendations made. The seriousness and enthusiasm of the expert to "WIN OVER CANCER"was evident. The professional-public-patient partnership model for changing the way cancer is percieved by the society was proposed.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Working ways

The modus operandi adopted by the Indian Cancer Winners” Association towards the goal to Win over Cancer are:
1. “I CAN WIN” Awareness meet – this is a sensitization meet where the participants are given basic knowledge about cancer –cause, prevention, screening, and treatment. The meets can be held in association with other clubs/society, where we expect large gathering.
2. Workshop – this is a gathering of interested people where we have discussions in details about methods of screening of common disease.
a. “Srujani” Breast Health Workshop: Discuss in a close group of ladies about various aspects of breast health including self breast examination techniques.
b. “Sabsang” Oral Health Workshop: Discuss various aspects of oral health including dental health. Self oral examination procedure is taught. The risk factors and how to quit tobacco is discussed.
3. Roundtable discussion - Meet of member expert, executive, active and invited guests including doctors and others. Discuss in details about the disease and encourage each in conducting the above two meets independently in their local areas.
4. Winners’ meet: This is a gathering of cancer winners (patients) new and old. Unique meet can be planned depending on the resources available locally.

Means are many but mission is only one “Win over Cancer”.

Mission and Vission

“A mission to Win over Cancer ”
(A Unit of I Can Win Foundation) Regd. Office: D-10/54, Sec-7, Rohini, New Delhi– 110085
Tel: +9111-27933358.

Founded in 2008, Indian Cancer Winners Association is an independent, non-profit, non political non-governmental organization, a unit of I can win Foundation. The head quarter is at D-10/54, sector 7, Rohini, Delhi -110085. It intends to carry out programmes around the Nation in collaboration with volunteer experts working in:
Cancer prevention and control
Cancer supportive care
Tobacco control
Cancer Awareness amongst the public and health care-takers.

The main emphasis of this association is to change the way cancer is perceived and instead of just fighting we need to win over the now not so dreaded disease “Cancer”. To win over cancer the important approach has to focus on the four areas that is - Cancer prevention and control, Cancer supportive care, Tobacco control, Cancer Awareness amongst the public and health care-takers.

Winning, is not accepting defeat. For a cancer patient, imply prolonging the quality of life and not just the quantity of life. Should we live with a fear or take life as it comes Indian Cancer Winners Association patient support group would help the bring the cancer winners interact and counsel the newly diagnosed patients in allaying their fears and making them a winner too.

Winning the cancer for the general public is by decreasing the incidence of cancer, The association intends to promote healthy life style and Tobacco control to prevent cancer.

Early diagnosis is the key factor in making cancer winners, The association intends to promote cancer awareness and screening among the general public for early diagnosis of cancer. For early diagnosis not just the public it is important that the local health care takers should also be made aware of the early sign and symptoms of cancer and its management. For this the association with its Professional members would like to conduct programmes for knowledge transfer amongst the professionals.

The vision of the Indian Cancer Winners Association is “Win over Cancer”.

Indian Cancer Winners Association will be governed by its Executive Members, Active Members and Member Organizations which would meet in the general assembly every year. In between the assemblies, the Indian Cancer Winners Association will be governed by the governing body, elected by the general assembly, which is responsible for the programme structure and implementation. Any individual, professional or organization who feels that they can bring a change in the way cancer is perceived can become a member of the Association. The association intends to bring professionals and individuals to-gether to win the fight over cancer; it is just a beginning of our long journey.
FOR DETAILS CONTACT- Dr Pawan Gupta 9811290152,

Dr Pawan Gupta
President - Indian Cancer Winners' Association

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