Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yoga and cancer-prevention

Cancer is a few cells of the body becoming unruly and revolting. These cells then incite other cells to join them, and not obey the body discipline. Additionally to hog all the resources quickly (glucose). Thus the Cancer spreads and starves the body of glucose.

My understanding is that we can prevent cancer and auto-immune diseases by taking care of each cell of the body, like a mother taking care of the child. An attitude of "vaatsalya", expression of mother-like love for each part of the body is essential Yoga.

For example when we do Yoga exercises of the neck, we close the eyes and bring our attention to the neck area, and slowly move the head sideways five times left and five times right, while breathing in harmony with the movements. This simple exercise tells the neck that it belongs!

That "it belongs" feeling makes the body-part happy. You are expressing the love of the body and mind for this specific part. It does not feel neglected and therefore has no urge to revolt or to go haywire, or shout and fight.

Doing these movements of body joints 'with awareness' and love and affection - smile on the face - is the essence of all Yoga. Strenuous or easy, yoga will achieve its purpose of harmonizing the mind-body complex.

So, let us start telling each part of the body that it belongs-----it is not in a state of neglect-----by doing Yoga, easy movements with love and affection, vaatsalya.

(The author is a cancer care-giver and a yoga student)

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013.02.23 I CAN WIN Gujarat Chapter inaugurated at H.T. Parekh Hall, Ahmedabad Management Association, Near ATIRA Ahmedabad.

I CAN WIN - Gujarat Chapter inauguration

It is a great pleasure to inform the launch of the I CAN WIN GUJARAT Chapter. The Chapter is presided by none other than the father of oncology of Gujarat Dr Devendra D Patel. The other office bearers are:
Dr Somesh Chandra - Chairman and Central Coordinator
Ms Namisha Gandhi - State Secretary
Dr Tushar Lakhia - State Treasurer

The inauguration function took place at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad.

The Gujarat State Chapter is supported by The Sterling group of  Hospital, CBCC and Calorx.

Many Cancer winners attended the function and shared their views on how they would carry out the programs to promote the cause of cancer survivors and to make them winners.

Indian Cancer Winners' Association - I CAN WIN is a platform came into existence to attempt to fulfill the large need of the cancer winners. It is created by the cancer winners, it is for the cancer winners and is run by the cancer winners.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I CAN WIN joins Prayatna for WE CAN WIN Rally 2013 at Greater Noida

 The Indian Cancer Winners' Association joined hands with the Prayatna NGO run by Mr Ajay Dubey for We Can Win Rally on 3.3.2013 at GNIIT Campus at Greater Noida.
The rally was flagged off by the City Magistrate Mrs Anju Lata.
The theme of the rally was to create awareness towards blood, eye and organ donation and empowerment about cancer.
The Guests list included Biswaroop Biswas Secretary of Federation of Blood Bank of India, Sri Gurpreet Singh of C.L.Gupta Eye Bank, Dr Pawan Gupta, National President of I CAN WIN, Sri R.K.Goel, Vice President of I CAN WIN, Sri Suresh Prakash, Secretary of I CAN WIN, Mrs Pushpa Goel, Cancer Winner, Mr Laxmi Narayan, editor I CAN WIN.
Students of GNIIT, Volunteers of Prayatna participated in the walk in a big way.

Monday, March 4, 2013

2013.03.02 Cancer Awareness Programme at Bara Mandir, Begamabad Road, Modinagar, U.P.

  1. Sh. Mahesh ji (Hapur Wale)    : President
  2. Sh. Narendra Bansal               : Secretary
  3. Sh. Nanak Chand Ji                : Sr. Vice President
  4. Sh. Ramesh Chand ji              : Treasurer
  5. Sh. Suresh Prakash                  : National Secretary

The programme was conducted by our following expert members.
  1. Dr. Rudra Acharya (Sr. Onco Surgeon), BLK Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi
  2. Dr. K. Geeta (Sr. Onco Surgeon), Max Hospital, Delhi.
About 60 Ladies & 40 gents from Modinagar & adjoining areas attended the camp. Dr. Rudra elaborated & explained the early symptoms of Mouth Cancer, Colon & Rectum Cancer while Dr. K. Geeta explained about Breast & Cervical Cancer.
Dr. Narendra Bansal expressed the prevention of cancer by adhering healthy life style and increasing the immunity of body & periodically detoxification.   

On screening 4 ladies patient were suspected the early symptoms of cancer and advised by Dr. K. Geeta for ultrasound, biopsy & mammography.

On the whole programme was very successful. 8-10 persons have assured to become members of our N.G.O.


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