Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tobacco Enforcement Workshop at Bulandshahar, UP, on 27th March 2018

Orientation program of Law Enforcers: COTPA 2003 workshop was hosted by the DTCC Bulandshahar, UP, under the leadership of Dr. K N Tiwari, Chief Medical Officer and Dr Lalit Kumar, Nodal Officer NTCP, on 27th March, 2018.

Discussion on different provisions under COTPA was elaborated by Mr. Rabindra N Mishra, Lawyer & Program Coordinator of ICanCaRe, as to how the social aspect of the addiction is to be considered while implementing COTPA provisions and on a closing note he suggested that this orientation program is the right beginning of Tobacco Awareness and Sensitization of the Enforcement Officers in Bulandshahar District to curb the tobacco menace from the society. The emphasis was mainly on implementation of COTPA provisions in order to curb illegal tobacco trading and also issue of Challan to offenders and reporting. Mr Mishra introduced “SAVE the Youth - Win over Tobacco” initiative under the guidance of Dr Pawan Guta, President of ICanWin Foundation, as a successful social outreach tool for Tobacco control among the youth and empower the posterity with awareness and sensitization about Tobacco and its hazards.

The program coordination was done very efficiently by Mr. Sandip Tripathy, District Consultant NTCP and other valued officials from DTCC Bulandshahar.  Addl Chief Medical Officers, District Malaria Officer, Medical Officer I/c, Medical Officers, Health professionals from different Hospitals, CHCs and PHCs of Bulandshahar district attended (total participants: 40) the workshop. All the participants pledged to refrain from using tobacco throughout their life and to make a "Win over Tobacco" a social revolution by influencing others to quit tobacco.

Lets’ join hands; together we can win over cancer.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

CANCER BE CAREFUL NOT FEARFUL 12 Journey of normal cell to cancer cell

Cancer just does not happen in one day. it is a journey of normal cell to cancer cell and this may take many years. The genetic changes that occurs is in multiple genes both proto-oncogene and tumor suppressor gene and the accumulation of these changes lead to cancer. This is multistep model of cancer development
This period can be used to either cut down on the carcinogenic products by change in lifestyle and also for regular checkups  that is screening to detect cancer at early stages and even at pre-malignant stages

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