Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chandigarh 22.8.08

I visited Chandigarh on 22.8.08.

on my way in Shatabdi express, I had a chance meet with Mrs M Grewal, She is teacher, now retired and settled in Chandigarh. After introduction, the discussion started on the Doctors and Teachers, and how they influence the life of people around. then onto cancer

Monday, August 11, 2008

Srujani Meet 10th August

(A Unit of I Can Win Foundation) Regd. Office: D-10/54, Sec-7, Rohini, New Delhi– 110085

The beginning of this support group is to provide optimum level of satisfaction with life among the cancer patients.

A meeting of Srujani, a breast cancer support group, to provide optimum level of satisfaction with life among the cancer patients, was held on Sunday, the 10th of August at Shilpi Banquet hall, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad. Srujani is an initiative of the Indian Cancer Winners Association ( I CAN WIN ) a NGO actively working in the field of Cancer awareness and rehabilitation.

The function was presided over by Dr. Pawan Gupta, an eminent Cancer Surgeon and founder president of Indian Cancer Winners’ Association, was attended by a large number of doctors, dentists, social workers, Cancer patients and well wishers from Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Moradabad. Dr. Pawan Gupta highlighted the activities of the I CAN WIN Association and its aims
1. To change the way Cancer is perceived by the public and
2. To overcome the disease with a positive approach: I CAN WIN

Mr Amarveer Singh, Commissioner IT Ghaziabad gave his blessings and graced the occasion as the chief guest. He pledged his support to the working of the association.

Professor Dr. Vinoda Kochupillai, eminent oncologist and ex chief of Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital, AIIMS New Delhi and currently director SRM Medical College, Tamil Nadu conducted a workshop[ for the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. Being an exponent of Art Of Living she delved deeply on after care and a holistic approach towards rehabilitation of the patients.

Ms Malinie Arora, renowned Yoga teacher of Panchattatva fame stressed on how meditation can help the patients in keeping them in positive mood.

The evening was attended by the founder members of Srujani, Mrs Pushpa Goel, Ms Shashi Agarwal, Ms Nandini Mathur, Ms Seema Nirman, Ms Madhu Mahajan and the office bearers of I CAN WIN Association, Mr Suresh Prakash, Mr R.K Goel, Dr. Deepika Dhamija, Dr. Manish Wadhwa, Dr. Kulveen Kaur, Dr K.K.Gupta, Dr Monica Gupta, Dr Amitabh Singh and a large number of members from the NCR and surrounding cities. All present pledged to work wholeheartedly for this noble cause.

This was followed by Satsung by ART OF LIVING

We missed Dr Dipika Dhamija as she was down with fever.

Ms Reva Puri put in her efforts towards rehabilitation by providing prosthesis at a very competitive price.

I really thank everyone for arranging the program.

special thanks to :

Mr R.K.Goel and Puspa Goel
MR Suresh and Shashi Agarwal
Mr Ajit Mathur and Nandini MAthur
Mr and Mrs Mahajan
Mr Subodh Nirman and Seema Nirman
Mrs Prabha Gupta
Mr Manish And Shelly Goel
Dr Manish Wadhwa and Kulveen Wadhwa
Dr B.C. Gupta Dr Mrs B.C. Gupta
Dr Prashant and Dr Shradha
Dr Z A Khan
Dr NAtasha
Dr Saurendra Das
Dr Amithab
Dr Dr Rudra Acharya
Mr Anil Chopra

August 12, 2008 7:19 PM

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

preparation for 10th Aug

Mr Suresh and Shashi ji had come to my place at Curie Cancer Centre on 5th August.

The person who had told me that he would be able to make the brooch backed out. Mr Manish Goel put in his efforts and could find out Mr Loombha at GHaziabad who shall be able to make the brooch. the design is to be finalised. which I think would be in a triangle simple with "I CAN WIN". The design will be finalised with inputs by Mrs Shashi.

Mrs Prabha Gupta - has been able to arrange a satsang for 10th August.

The program would be as follows:

Mrs Vinoda Kochupillai presentation
Mrs Malinie Arora
Dr Z A Khans and group for self breast Examination
Dr Dipika on Post treatment Management

I really thank everyone for their sincere input.


Preparation meet for 10th August

The following met on 3rd of August to plan out the meet on the 10th
DrPawan Gupta, Dr Dipika, Mr Sanjeev Lamba, Mr R.K.Goel, Mrs Puspha, Mr Suresh Prakash, Mrs Shashi, Mr Vinod, Mrs Vinod, Mr Mahajan, Mrs Madhu Mahajan, Mr Subodh Nirman, Mrs Nirman, Mr Manish Goel and Mrs Shelly Goel.

Everyone was in Upbeat mood for the planned meet on 10th.

The venue was finalised - Shilpi Banquet Hall, Shastri Nagar, Opp Kavi nagar Police Station, Ghaziabad.

The program was also finalised.

  • The objectives of the Srujani was discussed.
  • there was a discussion on as to what would be the exact spelling in hindi and english for srujani, Mrs Mahajan and Mrs Seema decided to sort the matter.
  • the objectives of Srujani: are as follows:
The Indian cancer winners association Srujani is formed under the Indian Cancer Winners' association with the following objectives:

  1. To provide assistance in the awareness, treatment and rehabilitation of persons who have or are at a risk of having BREAST CANCER.
  2. To publish helpful information regarding all aspects of Breast Cancer and disseminate it to the members of the association and general public.
  3. To work with those National and International bodies, whose purposes are to combat cancer in all its forms.
  4. To be affiliated with the International REACH TO RECOVERY.
  5. To encourage formation of support groups and chapters all over India.
  6. To promote awareness among the medical professionals and the general public that breast cancer patients can resume normal living and to help to remove misconception about the well-being of the “breast cancer patients and to impress particularly their employability and social acceptability and roles in family and inter personal relations.
  7. To improve the management techniques, life style, to be taught, to procure and make available suitable prosthesis aids and equipment for them.

  • Membership shall consist of members who are members of the INDIAN CANCER WINNERS ASSOCIATION and wish to be the part of the Shrujani group.
  • It was planned that the membership should be couple membership for the main association and Srujani would be by the ladies.
The design for the brooch/pin is to be finalised.

Plastic Card is to be provided for each of the members, we have to collect detail information and photograph of each members.

Please give ur comments

Monday, August 4, 2008




(A Unit of I Can Win Foundation) Regd. Office: D-10/54, Sec-7, Rohini, New Delhi– 110085

The beginning of this support group is to provide optimum level of satisfaction with life among the cancer patients.


Dear madam/Sir

Season’s Greetings from the Indian Cancer Winners Association “Srujani”

Association’s next meeting has been scheduled on 10th of August 2008 at 3.00 pm. onward at Shilpi Banquet Hall, Shastri Nagar (Opp. Kavi Nagar Police Station) Ghaziabad.

Your presence and participation in the meeting and interaction programme will be highly appreciated.

Unique feature of the programme is our honourable guest -- Professor Dr. Vinoda Kochupillai .

Dr. Vinoda Kochupillai is Director SRM Medical College and Health Sciences, Kattankulathur, Tamilnadu. She has been Professor of Medical Oncology and Chief, Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital, AIIMS, New Delhi.

She is also senior teacher of Art of Living, personally trained by Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji. She has a holy approach to treat patients by medical therapy and infusing positivity into them by “Sudershan Kriya” taught in Art Of Living.

We all will have an opportunity of interaction with her.

Senior Oncologist of Delhi and Expert members of I Can Win Association will be glad to interact and share their experiences in treating breast cancer and giving patients better quality of life.

We look forward to an exciting and stimulating meeting, and eagerly look forward to your esteemed presence.

Please confirm your presence to Ms Shashi Agarwal 0120-3293838, 9891948444.

Warm regards.

Indian Cancer Winners’ Association

Dr Pawan Gupta 9811290152

Dr Manish Wadhwa9811661298

Mr. R.K. Goel 9810705342

Mr Suresh Prakash 9891948444

Dr Dipika Dhamija 9871364386

Founder Members of Srujani

Ms. Pushpa Goel 9312728810

Ms Shashi Agarwal 0120-3293838

Ms Nandini Mathur 9873498450

Ms Seema Nirman 9873939453

Ms Madhu Mahajan 0120 4121416, 9818141378

Meeting on 10.08.2008, Sunday 3pm onward

Agenda points

1. Registration

2. Welcome of Chief Guest and Introduction to Indian Cancer Winners’ Association

3. Introduction to Srujani

4. What is Cancer

5. Self Breast Examination

6. Care after Breast Cancer Treatment

7. Workshop by Dr Vinoda Kochupillai

8. Discussion

9. High Tea

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