Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015.1.19 I CAN WIN – WIN OVER CANCER at Sunderdeep Institute at Ghaziabad

A warm welcome by Dr Anju Saxena, Executive Director of the Sunderdeep Group of Institute in her  office with hot green tea started our day. Dr Anju shared her sad experience of her father in law who was diagnosed with cancer of lung in IV stage after a delay of over a month since he started having symptoms of cough and chest pain. That was in 1999. He died within 3 months of diagnosis.
Today the things have changed, we have better knowledge about cancer, better diagnostic tools, better treatment equipments and medicines and most importantly we have specialists who treat cancer exclusively with knowledge. Yes the things are changing for better. It is no more fight against cancer but now it is “WIN OVER CANCER” that we do.
The only problem that is the obstacle in win over cancer is delayed diagnosis. I CAN WIN with its volunteers are empowering people with the knowledge about cancer and how to self recognize the symptoms that would bring a change in the outcome of treatment of cancer.
YES WE CAN DO IT with just change in the attitude towards cancer. The only thing that can change the prognosis of cancer is early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch.
President, I CAN WIN
Additional Director, Jaypee Institute of Cancer Care

2015.1.19 I CAN WIN – WIN OVER CANCER at Sunderdeep Institute at Ghaziabad
Place – Sunderdeep Group of Institutes, NH 24, Sunder Deep Nagar, Delhi-Hapur Road, Ghaziabad – 201001
Date  - 19.1.2015
Director – Dr Anju Saxena
Facilitator – Jaypee Hospital and I CAN WIN – Ghaziabad.
Expert Speakers – Dr Pawan Gupta and Dr Sandeep Chaddha
Organisors – Sri Ajeet Nigam and Mr Suresh Prakash
Cancer Winners – PDG Sri Mukesh Goel, Mrs Pushpa and Mrs Seema Chauhan
Chief Guest –  Col T. P. Tyagi, President, Ghaziabad RWA Federation
Other Guests – Ln Ajay Singhal, MD Charms Castle
Shri Anand Prakash Chairman Hitech EngineeringCollege, Ghaziabad

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pawan gupta said...

I appreciate the presence of
Cancer Winners Mr Mukesh Goel, Mrs Puspha Goel and Mrs Seema Chauhan who were live examples of win over cancer

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