I CAN WIN is the acronym for Indian CANcer WINners' Association.

We are a group of like minded people who are trying to change the way cancer is perceived by the society. We call ourselves Winners. For us, Winners are:

  • Persons who have been treated for cancer and are dealing with the situation with a positive attitude
  • Persons who are going through the disease process with a positive spirit
  • Care takers of cancer patients wishing to make their dear one a winner
  • People in the society who help propagate cancer awareness
  • Healthcare professionals who are ready to go the extra mile to help people win over cancer and not just fight it
Indian CANcer WINners' Association was officially registered in 2008. Started with just 7 members, it today has close to 300 members across India. We are headquartered at Delhi with chapters in Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Faridabad etc. 

I CAN WIN's Activities:

Cancer Awareness Lectures
Self Examination Workshops
Oral self awareness
Breast self awareness
Tobacco control/lifestyle changes
Cancer Awareness Programs in Schools
ONCOWIN Tutorials/Round Table Discussions for Healthcare Professionals
Cancer Screening
Patient Rehabilitation

I CAN WIN Partners
Member Expert
Professionally qualified people involved in cancer prevention, awareness, rehabilitation or research
Conduct awareness lectures, workshops, roundtable/tutorial
Life Member Executive
Members of the executive body involved actively in I CAN WIN’s activities
Member Active
Not part of executive body
Member Associate
Cancer patients who wish to be a part of I CAN WIN’s activities
No voting rights
Anybody who wishes to have information about and participate in I CAN WIN’s activities
Anybody wishing to help the association in any way

All donations to the Association are exempt for Income Tax under Section 80G. 

For more details about the association contact us at icanwinassociation@gmail.com 

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