Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Physician's sensitisation on cancer and TOBACCO kashganj

Physician's sensitisation program at Kashganj on tobacco and Cancer

Date : 28.08.2017

Venue- Roshan Lal, Kashganj

32 doctors participated

Speaker- Dr Pawan Gupta

The participants were sensitized about early diagnosis of cancer specially of oral, breast and cervix.

Sensitised about the need to guide patients to quit tobacco.

 They were also motivated to do community programs for tobacco awareness, which most enthusiastically agreed.

Mr Rahul of Kashganj has volunteered to take this momentum in larger scale in Kashganj and nearby areas. Dr govil will support him

Friday, August 25, 2017


WIN OVER CANCER - Be Careful Not Fearful workshop at POLYPLEX Corporate Office Noida was conducted on 25.8.2017

Organiser - Mr Sunil
Coordinated by Mrs Poonam Varma (Polyplex)
                          Mr Rabindra Mishra (I CAN CARE)

Workshop Conducted by Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch. Cancer Surgeon

Number of Participants  - 68 Noida Office with online direct transmission to Bazpur and  Khatima

Organisation - ICanCaRe (Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Pvt Ltd.)

It was a great pleasure to conduct the workshop at Polyplex Corporate office in Noida. the participants where already sensitized by the constant reminder through emails and whatsapp sent by Mrs Poonam for over a period. the workshop was quiet interactive. The program was relayed online with Khatima and Bazpur centres also.

I thank Mr Sunil Kumar for taking this initiative to make the Polyplex completely tobacco free. I also look forward for more such programs in thier other units and also exclusive tobacco workshop soon.

Dr Pawan

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