Thursday, February 26, 2009

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Often used in the Upanishads, this is a Shanti Mantra. Sham is to quench, the sound that emanates when water is poured over burning wood, that is. Om or Aum is a sound, mix of A, U and M. The basic sound affects the body and the mind. This sound is used as an indicator of the "Supreme", the all powerful, the one who gives light to Sun.

There are fires burning. Someone has misbehaved. I am unhappy. I can not forget the taunt, the disgrace, the insult. Every time I remember the incident, it rekindles the smoldering embers. Let us have a Shantih of this fire, burning inside.

I acted foolish. I now realize. I lost money due to my foolishness. I hurt someone, that someone may forget, but I don't. I will always remember. I can not forgive myself. The fire must be quenched for getting me back to normal.

There was an earthquake, a tsunami or a market turmoil. I lost all that was mine created with labor and love. Again a fire will remain and disturb me all the while.

We pray that the fires be quenched. Whom are we praying to? Who is the subject? Upanishads do not mention.
What is the process for this Shantih of the three fires? Who is going to quench?

The process of forgiving comes to mind. In Jain religion it has been woven as a practice, an annual ritual. Householders visit friends and relatives to ask, and seek forgiveness on a specific day. How about forgiving ourselves. It is tougher. It can be done. We are to, as a ritual do it, telling ourselves that we forgive past mistakes and be OK with ourselves. Similar to an adult ego state saying, "I am OK, you are OK.".

So, we pray that the three fires be quenched, meaning that we be successful in forgiving the Elements, the Society, and Ourselves. This should provide a healthy and peaceful environment within and without.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

2009.2.8 Sambalpur Win over Cancer awareness Program

“A mission to Win over Cancer ”
(A Unit of I Can Win Foundation) Regd. Office: D-10/54, Sec-7, Rohini, New Delhi– 110085
Tel: +9111-27933358.

“Win Over Cancer”
8pm on 8th February 2009 at
Organised by
Lions Club of Sambalpur
(Secretary: Mr Narendra Agarwal)
The Indian Cancer Winners’ Association – Delhi
(President: Dr Pawan Gupta)

A “win over cancer” Cancer awareness lecture was held on 8th February, 2009 at Sambalpur. It was jointly organized by the Lioness Club of Sambalpur and The Indian Cancer Winners’ Association-Delhi.

Lion Sri Narendra Agarwal, the Secretary of Lion Club of Sambalpur, stressed on the frightening rate of increase in cancer and lack of cancer awareness amongst the public.
Lion Dr Singhal, Organizing Chairman of the meet, emphasized on the social stigma associated with cancer and highlighted the reasons why people do not come forward for early detection.

Dr Pawan Gupta, Senior Consultant Cancer Surgeon and President of the Indian Cancer Winners’ Association was the Chief Speaker. The Indian Cancer Winners’ Association is established with a mission to “Win over cancer” and to change the way cancer is perceived by the society. The association wishes to establish chapters all over the Country with professional public partnership. He gave a powerpoint presentation on what is cancer, its causes, prevention, screening and early detection. Breast cancer can affect one in twenty-two ladies in India. Every lady should be Breast aware, like she is aware of her other organs. She should be able to notice a change in her breast which can occur in her lifetime. Method of self breast awareness was discussed.

Oral cancer is highest in India, as compared to all over the world. Tobacco is a preventable cause for this disease. One needs to aware of the risk factors, how to quit this habit, and most importantly be able to examine and notice any changes occurring in own mouth.

There was active participation from the floor and the efforts of both the Association were well appreciated.

Mr Narendra Agarwal Dr Pawan Gupta MS, FSOG, FAIS, M.Ch
Secretary: Lions Club of Sambalpur President: The Indian Cancer Winners’ Association
Tel:0663-2401919 Tel: 09811290152

Monday, February 2, 2009


Dear Dr. Pawan Gupta,
Heartiest congratulations to have successfully developing nationwide chapter program for Icanwin.
I pledge all my support to make this program a great success.
With best regards,
Rabindra Narayan Mishra
Managing Director,
Detailed Technology Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breast Health Quiz

All ladies need to be aware and proactive about their breast health. So, do you believe you are well aware of breast health? Take this quiz and find out.

Starting today, I will keep adding a few questions that test your knowledge about breast health. Your score on this self-test is not as important as the fact that it will enhance and solidify your knowledge of breast health. It may even teach you something that you did not know already.

I am not an expert on breast health and will not claim that I know more than any one of you. All that I can assure is that all these questions are based on information derived from reliable sources on the internet. In case you find a discrepancy and have a different view on any of the answers please feel free to leave a comment. Let's make this an interactive session where we get to share our knowledge on breast health.

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