Wednesday, December 25, 2013

“My Kanha will save me”

“My Kanha will save me”

I first time met Mr. Subhash Sharma around 4 months back. He had come for throat examination after having completed a course of Radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer of base of tongue.

Mr Subhash is from Vrindavan and devotee Kanha (Lord Krishna). His livelihood is by serving the people who come to Vrindavan and Goverdhan. He conducts satsungs and poojas for devotees.

He got into the habit of tobacco since his childhood and stopped on advice of doctor when he noticed a lump in his neck around 2 years back. He underwent treatment for cancer of base of tongue and that time.
It was a chance meeting with me. On examination, I saw a small polypoidal indurated growth on the base of tongue. I asked for a biopsy.

“Arre doctor sahib, mujhe kuch nahin hone wala, mera kanha mujhe bacha lega”. ( "Doctor, nothing is going to happen to me, my Lord Krishna will save me”).

My insistence had no affect on him.

Today when he came to me, I saw the growth was involving the whole of tongue with occasional bleeding. At this point of time it has become incurable and only for palliative therapy.

When I told him this, he said
“Doctor sahib, mera kanha ne mujhey bachane ki koshish to ki thi, unhoan mujhey aap ke pass bejha tha 4 mahinne pahle. Main hi nahin samaj paya tha us samay”. ("Doctor, My Lord Krishna had tried to save me, he had sent me to you 4 months back, but I could not understand at that time”).

“Ab kanha mujhey apne pass chate hain”. ("Now, Lord Krishna wants me to be with him"). 

Dr Pawan Gupta

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Even Mukesh Movie from Tata Memorial hospital made by Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi could not stop him from taking tobacco

“I always used to play the Mukesh movie on screen. 
I never thought that this could ever happen to me too!”

Even Mukesh Movie from Tata Memorial hospital made by Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi could not stop him from taking tobacco

This is the story of Mr Vidit. 35 year old gentleman. He works as operator at SRS cinemas in Faridabad. He is the person who regularly runs the famous documentary, made by Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi of Tata Memorial Hospital, of Mukesh who dies of cancer. It was his everyday job to run the documentary on the screen. But could this movie stop him from taking tobacco?

Mr Vidit got addicted to tobacco 6 years back, as per his version it was his friends who lured him into tobacco. His family members were unaware till recently when he was diagnosed of cancer of oral tongue. None of his family members were taking tobacco.

“I would run the Mukesh movie on screen. I never thought that this could ever happen to me too! Now I and my family are completely devastated”. He wishes that people take these messages seriously made by doctors, who are doing more than their routine jobs for the society to bring a change for better health of the society.

Everyday he was running the documentary, but still this could not stop him from taking tobacco. The big question is, are this type of movie/documentaries really able to make a difference in the life of tobacco addict. The print on the cigarette packets can they stop people from taking cigarettes. If no then what is to be done. It is time to analyse, rationalise.

Can ban on tobacco stop people from taking tobacco?

Tomorrow I am going to operate Mr Vidit.
Mukesh could not stop me from taking tobacco, I have cancer now

Dr Pawan Gupta, M.Ch.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I CAN WIN - WIN OVER CANCER at Roorkee on 22.12.2013

The Pensioners and Senior Citizen Welfare Trust, Roorkee, organized a cancer awareness program on 22nd December 2013, in association with the Indian Cancers Winners’ Association, a unit of the “I Can Win Foundation”. On this occasion, Dr. Surendra Kansal (Director – ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad and Zonal Chairman I Can Win Association, Ghaziabad) addressed the gathering on the social importance of such awareness program that is needed to educate the mass regarding symptoms of cancer and its early self-detection and cure. He also spoke about the myth and fears commonly associated with cancer. He encouraged the people to shoulder the responsibilities and imbibe the mantra of life ,”Service to mankind is service to God”.
Dr. Umang Mittal (Crosslay Pushpanjali Hospital), Dr. Kanika Sharma (Radiation Oncologist - Dharamshila Hospital, Delhi) and Dr. Vaibhav Saxena M.Ch. (Urologist - Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad) spoke about symptoms, early detection and prevention of head & neck, breast & cervical and prostate cancer. They also stressed on the modern methods of treatment of the disease.

Dr. Narendra Bansal (Naturopath), briefed the people about natural ways of healthy living. He highlighted the importance of yoga, exercise and healthy eating habits that enhances healthy living and improved longevity.

Shri Suresh Prakash (National Secretary – I Can Win) focused on the vision and mission of I Can Win Association. He emphasized on the goal of the organization and encouraged people to join hands with the team to make the society aware of the disease, early detection and winning over cancer. He also briefed about various programs that the association is undertaking in the society across India, spreading awareness about cancer.

A large number of senior citizens, pensioners, people from various age groups, Government Officials, professionals, student along with cancer winners participated and took a vow to build a cancer free society. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Look at me , I am so Healthy" - An autobiography by a Breast Cancer Winner

After receiving the medical report today I am feeling really happy to know after years of pain and suffering I can peacefully go sleep tonight. My name is Nabanita, since my childhood days I had always been a cheerful playful talkative girl, my entire family had to thrive to quieten me down. And since childhood days my Medical report card was nothing but blank sheets of papers , Because of which I had always been a proud girl who kept bragging “Look at me , I am so Healthy , Nothing has ever happened to me”.

One day, In the year 2007, I felt a strange tiny lump growing just below my arm pit  Although irritating, It wasn't painful at all and yes I ignored it... One day , someone told me I should consult a doctor as that suspicious lump wasn't seem to be healing itself , it may not be as harmless as it looks ... Admitting that she was right I went to doctor along with my husband to consult and to get rid of that lump.

Immediately after consulting the doctor, he made me go through different Tests and body check-ups, slowly I realized that the small lump beneath my arm pit was the root of most painful, life threatening and a disease which is one of the most leading cause of deaths worldwide “Cancer”.

Being not just Heartbroken and anxious , My eyes were full of tears when my childhood memory flashed in front of my eyes and when I realized my life which was full of playful , happy  moments seem to have came crashing down.

Yet, after hearing and accepting the painful news my Husband, My Son, My Mom – Dad and My Younger Brother were by my side. They were encouraging, motivating and gearing me up for my big fight against the disease of death “Cancer”.

And was my doctor, without whom I won’t have been here writing this small autobiography of my life and struggle. He was always there by my side whenever I needed him or whenever I was in pain.

Even though I was aware of the fact that he has many patients like me and a Family to take care of, Me and my family members often used to call him then and now whenever I was in pain or fear And he was always happy to help without showing any signs of getting disturbed nor has he ever ignored a call. I am really grateful to my doctor for life, for curing me from this terrible disease.

My first Operation was held in year 2007 followed by a series of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy session and after 3-4 years of routine follow up another suspicious mould was observed and again in year 2011 I had to go through another hard sessions of Operation , Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.

And after years of hard struggle, I am all right and the best part I won my battle against Cancer twice. I exercise regularly along with different sessions for jogging and Yoga. Besides handling the household chores I also run my Home tuition centre.

I am really grateful to my God , Whose blessing had made me strong enough to conquer my inner battle against fear , pain and cancer .I am lucky, to have visited the doctor on time or else how could I able to see my son graduating himself to a Professional Engineer today.

- A small autobiography by Nabanita 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I CAN WIN - Quiz Time #6

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I CAN WIN - Quiz Time #6
Q: Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health, so a better alternative is – 

Answer -
It is used as medicinal product.

Explaination – it is not a cancer forming substance but an 

addictive substance present in various tobacco products.

Shri Rajesh Goel - Mission to Win over Cancer - I CAN WIN

Shri Rajesh Goel joined I CAN WIN 4 years back and has been actively involved in creating awareness about cancer in public. He has organised number of workshops for women and children. He intends to reach out to more people with innovative technology.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anti-Tobacco Poster/sticker glued at Palwal, Faridabad, Mathura highway on 14-15th December

I Can Win Over Tobacco Campaign

I Can Win Association successfully accomplished its two-days Poster/Sticker Campaign with posting more than 25 thousand posters at Palwal, Fridabad, Mathura highway on 14 - 15th December.
Reaching a higher mass will take us more closer to our mission of Winning Over Tobacco, but it will not be possible without the
  • support of our dedicated Volunteers,
  • support of the ground audience who connects with us & 
  • support from you people, who are taking our campaign further through this new way of reaching people online.
Do share, like, comment & tweet
let not confine it to yourself, make it viral, it can save someone's life.

Share it with the tagline:
I Can Win - Be Smart not to Start

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