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WIN OVER TOBACCO at Indus Tower on 16.1.2015

WIN OVER TOBACCO at Indus Tower on 16.1.2015

Place: Indus Towers, UP West Office, H-11, 2nd Floor, Sector 63, Gautam Bhudh Nagar, Noida – 201301
Facilitatior – Mrs Geeta Gulati of HII
Mr Avtar Singh, Sr Manager  - HR &Admin Head,  Indus Towers
Courtesy  - JAYPEE Hospitals

It was a pleasant winter Friday morning on 16th of January, 2015. 53 staff of Indus towers gathered in the conference hall to listen to my talk on Win over Tobacco. Good thing was that most of them were not habituated to tobacco.

As my presentation continued, I could see a change in the response of the people who were taking tobacco.

The session was very interactive and it was good to have lot of ladies participation.
One thing which was disturbing was the exposure to second hand smoke which was very high. Hope the management would do something about this.

I believe the sensitization program was good.

Look forward to hold a workshop soon exclusively to win over tobacco.

I thank Ms Geeta and Mr Avtaar for arranging the program. I thank Himanshu and Deep of Jaypee Hospitals for all the arrangements. Of course the staff who sat through the whole program, not a single person moved out of the room. Last but not the least the charming lady who presented me a lovely bouquet at the end.

Pawan Gupta M.Ch.

Mr Avtaar and Ms Geeta

Dr Pawan and Mr Avtaar

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