Wednesday, December 25, 2013

“My Kanha will save me”

“My Kanha will save me”

I first time met Mr. Subhash Sharma around 4 months back. He had come for throat examination after having completed a course of Radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer of base of tongue.

Mr Subhash is from Vrindavan and devotee Kanha (Lord Krishna). His livelihood is by serving the people who come to Vrindavan and Goverdhan. He conducts satsungs and poojas for devotees.

He got into the habit of tobacco since his childhood and stopped on advice of doctor when he noticed a lump in his neck around 2 years back. He underwent treatment for cancer of base of tongue and that time.
It was a chance meeting with me. On examination, I saw a small polypoidal indurated growth on the base of tongue. I asked for a biopsy.

“Arre doctor sahib, mujhe kuch nahin hone wala, mera kanha mujhe bacha lega”. ( "Doctor, nothing is going to happen to me, my Lord Krishna will save me”).

My insistence had no affect on him.

Today when he came to me, I saw the growth was involving the whole of tongue with occasional bleeding. At this point of time it has become incurable and only for palliative therapy.

When I told him this, he said
“Doctor sahib, mera kanha ne mujhey bachane ki koshish to ki thi, unhoan mujhey aap ke pass bejha tha 4 mahinne pahle. Main hi nahin samaj paya tha us samay”. ("Doctor, My Lord Krishna had tried to save me, he had sent me to you 4 months back, but I could not understand at that time”).

“Ab kanha mujhey apne pass chate hain”. ("Now, Lord Krishna wants me to be with him"). 

Dr Pawan Gupta

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