Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Look at me , I am so Healthy" - An autobiography by a Breast Cancer Winner

After receiving the medical report today I am feeling really happy to know after years of pain and suffering I can peacefully go sleep tonight. My name is Nabanita, since my childhood days I had always been a cheerful playful talkative girl, my entire family had to thrive to quieten me down. And since childhood days my Medical report card was nothing but blank sheets of papers , Because of which I had always been a proud girl who kept bragging “Look at me , I am so Healthy , Nothing has ever happened to me”.

One day, In the year 2007, I felt a strange tiny lump growing just below my arm pit  Although irritating, It wasn't painful at all and yes I ignored it... One day , someone told me I should consult a doctor as that suspicious lump wasn't seem to be healing itself , it may not be as harmless as it looks ... Admitting that she was right I went to doctor along with my husband to consult and to get rid of that lump.

Immediately after consulting the doctor, he made me go through different Tests and body check-ups, slowly I realized that the small lump beneath my arm pit was the root of most painful, life threatening and a disease which is one of the most leading cause of deaths worldwide “Cancer”.

Being not just Heartbroken and anxious , My eyes were full of tears when my childhood memory flashed in front of my eyes and when I realized my life which was full of playful , happy  moments seem to have came crashing down.

Yet, after hearing and accepting the painful news my Husband, My Son, My Mom – Dad and My Younger Brother were by my side. They were encouraging, motivating and gearing me up for my big fight against the disease of death “Cancer”.

And was my doctor, without whom I won’t have been here writing this small autobiography of my life and struggle. He was always there by my side whenever I needed him or whenever I was in pain.

Even though I was aware of the fact that he has many patients like me and a Family to take care of, Me and my family members often used to call him then and now whenever I was in pain or fear And he was always happy to help without showing any signs of getting disturbed nor has he ever ignored a call. I am really grateful to my doctor for life, for curing me from this terrible disease.

My first Operation was held in year 2007 followed by a series of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy session and after 3-4 years of routine follow up another suspicious mould was observed and again in year 2011 I had to go through another hard sessions of Operation , Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.

And after years of hard struggle, I am all right and the best part I won my battle against Cancer twice. I exercise regularly along with different sessions for jogging and Yoga. Besides handling the household chores I also run my Home tuition centre.

I am really grateful to my God , Whose blessing had made me strong enough to conquer my inner battle against fear , pain and cancer .I am lucky, to have visited the doctor on time or else how could I able to see my son graduating himself to a Professional Engineer today.

- A small autobiography by Nabanita 

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