Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Art of Living of Sri Sri Ravishankar and I CAN WIN Foundation - Spirituality with Science to empower onself

It was a mix of Science and spirituality when Senior ART OF LIVING (of Sri Sri Ravishankar) teacher Sri Rajesh Agarwal of Jaipur organised an Win over Cancer Awareness talk "Be Careful not Fearful" for the followers of Art of Living at Jaipur at his Centre -533, Mahavir nagar, Opp. Ram mandir, Tonk RD, Jaipur on 1st December 2013.

Following the Sunday long kriya of Art of Living a one hour session on Win over Cancer was done by Dr Pawan Gupta, M.S., M.Ch., FAIS, FSOG - Sr. Consultant Cancer Surgeon from Asian Hospital, Faridabad, Delhi NCR and National President of I CAN WIN Association.

It was attended by around 40 people who following the presentation had a discussion on the topic. Few of them have come forward to work for the cause to win over cancer.

Anmol volunteered to make the program a success. He has shared some of the photos he has taken on the day 

Mr Rajeshji of Jaipur a well known ART OF LIVING teacher with Dr Pawan Gupta

Dr Pawan Gupta explaining about the methods to Win over cancer  - I CAN WIN

This probably is the right mix. to make mind and body strong both with spirituality which probably is the integral part of body and soul and with the knowledge about Anatomic and functional part of body. A healthy person is one who has both mind and body under control and this is the very essence of "I CAN WIN".

It was a privilege to meet Mr Dev Kumar Malik, Teacher himself, and discuss the way to start a group to help people of Jaipur become aware.

(Inputs given by  Dr Pawan Gupta) 

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