Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why can't we have domino's pizza everyday?

Papa, I am going to have Dominos pizza every day?

It was a family outing and we were at the Dominos having pizza. As usual I was busy giving sermon and this time it was on diet. After having heard me (I hope intently) and having finished one full pizza my son chipped in.

“Papa, I am going to have pizza everyday from now on”

I was taken aback, after the entire sermon on healthy diet etc etc, how come he is telling this?

I started again (like a doctor) telling him “you should have grandmothers recipe – that is carbohydrate, protein, fat, vegetables and fruits in a regulated manner”.

“Yes papa, precisely this is the reason why I suggested that I would have a Pizza for lunch and dinner everyday now on. Look at this pizza it has vegetables, protein (cheese), carbohydrate (base) it has fat and we can ask for a cold coffee instead of a coke as you don’t allow aerated drinks and following this we can have a tutty fruity icecream it has fruits and milk, so I will have a complete diet”.

I said “it does not have enough of vegetables”.

He said “we will ask for extra topping, no problem”

This nine year old has stumped me. I am looking out for answers to counter him. Can you help me?

Just to let you know since then we have a small Mahabharata everyday in our house between my son and his dadi (grandmother). Dadi with her army of dal, chaval, subji and chapatti and my son with the single man army of a pizza. I am looking out for solutions.

Dr Pawan Gupta


Pratyush said...

Have you tried explaining it to him, that none of the ingredients used a pizza are raw and natural?
All ingredients of a pizza like cheese are heavily processed, so its protein does no good. Apart from that, the base is made from all-purpose (white) flour which contains no nutrients.
If he likes pizza that much, he can make homemade pizza using multi-grain bread.

eggwall said...

Trust me, medical fraternity has NO ANSWER! We as parents have no answer. And this generation will not take untrue statements as truth, even from an MCH father. Believe me.

Kachori and samosa are made of what? Answer to yourself.

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