Saturday, January 25, 2014

I CAN WIN "My mother has throat cancer, wish I can cure her.....I pledge never to take tobacco"

“My mother has cancer, She used to take bidi. Wish I can treat her…..I pledge not to smoke”

Shanti Devi, 51 years old, smoked bidi 20/day for the last 30 years. She started smoking after her marriage. Now she has extensive throat cancer. She did not believe that smoking was injurious to health.
Satya Prakash her younger son took to smoking himself.
“My mother used to smoke. I saw her smoking since my childhood. Never thought it can be harmful. I started smoking three years back. But now my mother has cancer. I pledge not to smoke any more or use tobacco in any form any more”.
“I just wish my mother can be cured”

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