Friday, January 19, 2018

Win over Tobacco and Cancer Awareness at Hathras 2018-01-19

Win over Tobacco and Cancer at Hathras
Date: 19.01.2018
Venue: Jack Donald Restaurant, Aligarh Road, Hathras

Organiser: Rotary Club Heritage, Hathras
Supported by Jaypee Hospital, Noida
Associated partners – I CAN WIN FOUNDATION and ICanCaRe
Speaker- Dr Pawan Gupta M.Ch., Cancer Surgeon, Social Activist, Author

No of Participants: 44 including doctors
Set of Books distributed - 50
A very interactive session started at around 8;30 and was over by around 11 pm.
The participants were enthusiastic to know more
Highlights of the program –
1. Motivated 6 to quit tobacco
2. one participants takes pledge and throws away the tobacco products immediately.
3. Alcohol intake decreases

4. number of people volunteer to be part of the Campaign  -SAVE the Youth.

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