Friday, January 12, 2018

NTCP-DTCC MEERUT LAW ENFORCERS orientation program SAVE the Youth

Orientation program of Law Enforcers: COTPA 2003, one day session, was hosted by the DTCC Meerut under the leadership of the District Magistrate and Dr. Raj Kumar, Chief Medical Officer, on 12.01.2018 at the Convention Center of Vikash Bhawan, Meerut and jointly convened by ICanWin – ICanCaRe Team under its “SAVE the Youth - Win over Tobacco” program. The program coordination was done very efficiently by Dr. Dr. S S Choudhary, ACMO and Nodal Officer, DTCC Meerut; Mr. Mohit Bhardwaj, Fin. Consultant, DTCC Meerut; and Mr. Satish Tripathy, State Consultant, STCC UP Lucknow. A total of 63 Enforcement Officers attended the Orientation program of Law Enforcers: COTPA 2003 program where the emphasis was mainly on implementation of COTPA provisions in order to curb illegal tobacco trading and also issue of Challan to offenders and reporting of the booking through Monthly Crime Reports of the Police. The interactive session was conducted by Dr. Pawan Gupta, Sr Cancer Surgeon & President, ICanWin Foundation, initiated the program with the focus on ill effects of tobacco use on health and productivity of an individual and the necessity of enforcing an effective COTPA provision that should prove as a detrimental mechanism against the wrong doers in the tobacco trade and discourage trading of tobacco in the society. Discussion on different provisions under COTPA was elaborated by Mr. Rabindra N Mishra, Lawyer & Program Coordinator of ICanCaRe, and Mr. CPM Tripathy, SPO & Jt Director Prosecution, Meerut. Special commentaries were also shared by Dr. Raj Kumar, CMO, Meerut, as to how the social aspect of the addiction is to be considered while implementing COTPA provisions and on a closing note he suggested that this orientation program is the right beginning of Tobacco Awareness and Sensitization of the Enforcement Officers in Meerut District to curb the tobacco menace from the society.

Lets’ join hands; together we can win over cancer.

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