Friday, September 15, 2017

SAVE THE YOUTH - WIN OVER TOBACCO Awareness at APCPL Jajjar 15-9-2017

Date 15-9-2017
Venue Community Hall

The program initiated by Dr Anurita Manohar and her team from HR department in association with I CAN CARE

Dr R P Srivastav and Dr Jayshree were present and actively participated during the workshop.

Dignitaries present  -Mr J Sahoo, Mr Y S Sekhawat, Mr B.K.Sharma and Mr B.K.Sharma

Participant – 200

The Win over tobacco workshop was conducted by Dr Pawan Gupta and Mr Rabindra Mishra of I CAN CARE.

The participants were given details about tobacco and how to quit the same easily. The second hand and third hand smoking was discussed in details

21 participants have registered for WIN OVER TOABCCO WORKSHOP to quit tobacco.

A pledged was administered to the participants for  a clean green healthy and lively India, a pledge not to take tobacco nor associate with any one indulging in tobacco.

Practical tips for quitting tobacco was given as well as for the non- tobacco users how to help people using tobacco was discussed.

Launch of Save the youth program in the campus was discussed and also setting up of a tobacco cessation clinic is planned.

INNOVATIVE CANCER CARE AND REHABILITATION PVT LTD has launched Save the Youth – Win over tobacco Campaign which encompasses the following
  • ·         BE SMART DO NOT START – awareness For youths conducted in Schools, Colleges and corpoartes
  • ·         FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY – guidance to youths who have just started to get rid of tobacco.
  • ·         WIN OVER TOABCCO WORKSHOPs – deaddiction from tobacco program in groups
  • ·         WIN OVER TOBACCO TUTORIALS  - for doctors- skill development to help patient
  • ·         WIN OVER CANCER – Mass awareness program on cancer
  • ·         Setting up of TOBACCO WELLNESS and ORAL SCREENING CENTRES           

Contact: Mr Rabindra Mishra -

Donation to I CAN WIN FOUNDATION is exempt as per IT 80G

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