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I CAN WIN - "Please don’t take your body for granted and respect the pleasures of life that are bestowed upon you"

"Please don’t take your body for granted and respect the pleasures of life that are bestowed upon you"

January 1st, 2013. Like all other people in this world I too was quite excited about the coming year and was making plans so as to decide my future actions. The main highlight of the year was my CA Final exams which were scheduled in May (and as usual was apprehensive about clearing them).

January was progressing and with it my health problems too started to rise. Like any other normal human being I too have faced health issues but that were limited to fever, cold, cough etc. But something started going terribly wrong with me and I could sense that. Well, with the end of May I got free from my exams but there were few tests that were still going on. All the doctors that I visited wrote a new test or some just repeated the old ones saying it might have gone wrong.

As all my blood tests were showing out normal I was going abnormal as I had no idea what was wrong with me. I used to get this terrible stomach ache, every month, on the very same date that used to leave me unconscious and crying with pain. All doctors applied various permutation & combination but could not give me a valid reason for my ache.

It was then in July, 2013 that I visited Asian Institute Of Medical Sciences on a recommendation of my relative (who’s a doctor there) to undergo some more tests. Thankfully, the team there is so well capable that they sensed something is wrong deep down and after a week of performing series of tests they gave me the news…..
So, I was suffering from CANCER… Yes…!! TRANSVERSE COLON CANCER is the term… There was blockage in a portion of my large intestine which was cancerous. 7th July, 2013 was the date I came to know about it and this is the date that changed the course of my life. It’s too hard to digest that a mere stomach ache could be a cancer that was growing since past 2 years with absolutely no symptoms.

I was lucky enough to have got it diagnosed within time (As per doctors) as it was in its second stage and could be operated. So, after being admitted I was operated on 19th July, 2013. While I’ll be cutting whole of my suffering story short, what I want to share here is the fact that sometimes there are no symptoms to warn you. No one could believe that I was suffering from cancer despite of the fact that I am a gym crazy person and love being fit (though I never took any kind of supplements to stay fit).

At an age of 25 where my other companions were busy shaping out their career or deciding to tie a knot, I was totally unaware whether I’ll be able to lead a normal life again or not. This term in itself is so scary that no matter how bold you are, it surely knocks you down. It took me 6 months and a lot of support from my family, friends & doctors to start with normal routine.

Life do gets unfair sometimes as evident in my case but as they say, if God gives you problems he surely gives you courage too. It’s again a new year and I again have dreams and planning for the year ahead but this time it’s all with a reality check. I’ll be undergoing few tests every 3 months to make sure everything is fine inside with follow ups with my doctors (Dr. Pawan Gupta & Dr. Saroj R Sahoo).

The whole idea of me writing my case story above is to just to give a message, that please don’t take your body for granted and respect the pleasures of life that are bestowed upon you. You’ll not even know how and when something small will turn out into something large and will leave you astonished.

(Submitted by the young cancer winner on 4th Feb, 2014)


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