Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"I had a special gift for my wife this Dhanteras. Thanks to I CAN WIN"

Mr Amit called me today to tell the following story
"Sir, Thanks to you. You may not remember me, I was one of the participants in your I CAN WIN WALK -2012 held at Ghaziabad last year. I was motivated by you to quit tobacco. And I promised on stage on that day that I will not take tobacco any more. And since than it is one year and I have WON OVER MY TOBACCO habit. Your guidance to quit was very helpful. I saved money I would have spent on tobacco and alcohol. With the money I saved, I gifted a nice necklace to my wife. Thank you sir. I am a changed man. My earning has increased, my family wife and children are happy."

I can only wish that more people can understand this.

Mr Amit is a contractor with a construction company at Ghaziabad. His occupation demanded that he take tobacco, atleast this is what he thought, till he decided to quit tobacco. Now one can see the change. Mr Amit I invite you to join the I CAN WIN WALK this year also and inspire other people.

Pawan Gupta M.Ch.

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Tulika Garg said...

Jagdish Chander Gupta was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer in December 2006. He consulted various oncologists in NCR region and the conclusion was that he had to be operated for removal of thyroid due to which he might lost his voice for whole life.He had lost all his hopes as he was not ready to get operated in case of losing the voice.Then by gods grace he came under the treatment of Dr Pawan Gupta who operated him and gave him a new life.His voice had come within a period of almost one and a half months. He was referred to AIIMS for further treatment.Till today he is under Dr. C S Bal who is giving him RadioIodine therapies. Though Dr. Bal is treating him but he is leading a very happy,normal and healthy life.
Thanks to Dr. Gupta and Dr. Bal for giving him a new life.

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